Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Le Guin's latest (Unlocking the Air, 1996, etc.) belongs to her Hainish cycle—Hain being the planet that originally seeded Earth, and many other worlds, with the human species; now the Hainish are revisiting lost worlds and drawing them into the benevolent Ekumene. Sutty, the envoy to planet Aka, grew up on an Earth ruled by a repressive religious dictatorship. Aka is run by a capitalist ... Read full review

Review: The Telling

Editorial Review - - Christopher Saunders

Ursula K. Le Guin's latest novel, THE TELLING, is a creaking but lovingly wrought meditation on tolerance set against a backdrop that bears a striking resemblance to China's invasion and occupation of Tibet. To create credible otherworldly allegory without appearing transparent or heavyhanded is the burden of the science fiction writer, and Le Guin, considered a pioneer in the genre, has made a ... Read full review

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Review: The Telling (Hainish Cycle #8)

User Review  - B. - Goodreads

(I chose to compare this book to a nonfiction work for my review.) The alien civilization in Ursula K Le Guin's The Telling is deeply evocative of post-Cultural Revolution China. A few months ago I ... Read full review

Review: The Telling (Hainish Cycle #8)

User Review  - Renee Babcock - Goodreads

A prescient novel written in 2000, before things like 9/11 and much of what evangelicals have been doing in our culture. It's very much a relevant book today, almost feels as if it could have been ... Read full review

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