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Bodley Head, 1897 - 108 pages
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Page 27 - Will wander through the lighted city streets ; And in the crowd I'll take his arm and feel Him closer for the press. So shall we live. And though the first sweet sting of love be past, The sweet that almost venom is ; though youth, With tender and extravagant delight, The first and secret kiss by twilight hedge, The insane farewell repeated o'er and o'er, Pass off; there shall succeed a faithful peace; Beautiful friendship tried by sun and wind, Durable from the daily dust of life. And though with...
Page 121 - OXFORD CHARACTERS. A series of lithographed portraits by WILL ROTHENSTEIN, with text by F. YORK POWELL and others. To be issued monthly in term. Each number will contain two portraits.
Page 23 - The half of music, I have heard men say, Is to have grieved ; when comes the lonely wail Over the mind ; old men have told it me Subdued after long life by simple sounds. The mourner is the favourite of the moon, And the departing sun his glory owes To the eternal thoughts of creatures brief, lest Who think the thing that they shall never see.
Page 79 - I in the greyness rose; I could not sleep for thinking of one dead. Then to the chest I went, Where lie the things of my beloved spread. Quietly these I took; A little glove, a sheet of music torn, Paintings, ill-done, perhaps; Then lifted up a dress that she had worn. And now I came to where Her letters are; they lie beneath the rest; And read them in the haze; She spoke of many things, was sore opprest. But these things moved me not; Not when she spoke of being parted quite, Or being misunderstood,...
Page 122 - THIMM (CARL A.). A COMPLETE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF FENCING AND DUELLING, AS PRACTISED BY ALL EUROPEAN NATIONS FROM THE MIDDLE AGES TO THE PRESENT DAY. With a Classified Index, arranged Chronologically according to Languages. Illustrated with numerous Portraits of Ancient and Modern Masters of the Art. Title-pages and Frontispieces of some of the earliest works. Portrait of the Author by WILSON STEER, and Title-page designed by PATTEN WILSON.
Page 116 - DAVIDSON (JOHN). PLAYS : An Unhistorical Pastoral ; A Romantic Farce ; Bruce, a Chronicle Play ; Smith, a Tragic Farce ; Scaramouch in Naxos, a Pantomime, with a Frontispiece and Cover Design by AUBREY BEARDSLEY.
Page 117 - FLETCHER (JS). THE WONDERFUL WAPENTAKE. By 'A SON OF THE SOIL.' With 18 full-page Illustrations by JA SYMINGTON. Crown 8vo.
Page 16 - Not for this only do I love thee, but Because Infinity upon thee broods; And thou art full of whispers and of shadows. Thou meanest what the sea has striven to say So long, and yearned up the cliffs to tell; Thou art what all the winds have uttered not, What the still night suggesteth to the heart.
Page 109 - No man was ever yet a great poet without being at the same time a profound philosopher. For poetry is the blossom and the fragrancy of all human knowledge, human thoughts, human passions, emotions, language.
Page 18 - Fain would I know Yon heavenly wafting through the heaven wide, And the large view of the subjected seas, And famous cities, and the various toil Of men...

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