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I now realize that I am a major Phlegmatic and a minor Sanguine.I relate more with the Sanguines in social places and with phlegmats at work.
I have never been so at peace with myself, I always
wondered why I forget everything including instructions from bosses and hated myself for being indecisive until I read the book.
I have never laughed so much while reading.This is such a comical book, making my day. In fact it should have been named : ''Comics of Littauer" mmmh but that title my not have invited me to read it, so be it :Personality Plus.

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One of the best and useful book if you want to improve yourself. If you are dealing with network marketing - PEOPLE, this book is essential!! Do not miss it,

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Excellent Book ! it's a must have !
i read this book for many times and i bought this books few times and gave it away to my friends for present. They all love it !.
this book really describe our personality in specific details and it's totally true.
you better buy and read it !

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