The Ancestor, Issue 8

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Archibald Constable & Company, 1904 - Genealogy
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Page 251 - These Letters are the genuine correspondence of a family in Norfolk during the Wars of the Roses. As such, they are altogether unique in character ; yet the language is not so antiquated as to present any serious difficulty to the modern reader. The topics of the letters relate partly to the private affairs of the family, and partly to the stirring events of the time : and the correspondence includes State papers, love letters, bailiffs accounts, sentimental poems, jocular epistles, etc.
Page 251 - Day," and invites him to come and visit her family from the Thursday evening till the Monday, etc., etc.
Page 251 - The Paston Letters are an important testimony to the progressive condition of Society, and come in as a precious link in the chain of moral history of England, which they alone in this period supply.
Page 251 - They stand indeed singly, as far as I know, in Europe ; for though it is highly probable that in the archives of Italian families, if not in France or Germany, a series of merely private letters equally ancient may be concealed, I do not recollect that any have been published. They are all written in the reigns of Henry VI. and Edward IV., except a few, that extend as far as Henry VII., by different members of a wealthy and respectable, but not noble, family ; and are, therefore, pictures of the...
Page 251 - ... LANCASTER ; we have the story of JOHN PASTON'S first introduction to his wife ; incidental notices of severe domestic discipline, in which his sister frequently had her head broken ; letters from Dame ELIZABETH BREWS, a match-making Mamma, who reminds the youngest JOHN PASTON that Friday is "Saint Valentine's Day," and invites him to come and visit her family from the Thursday evening till the Monday, etc.
Page 235 - Mr. Sidney Lee has performed, with marked success, a work which required, in no common measure, a combination of assiduous labour, skilful arrangement, and unfailing tact. . . . Our interest is sustained from the first page to the last...
Page 207 - Unto Roger Burgoyne, And the Heirs of his Loin, Both Sutton and Potton Until the World's rotten.
Page 114 - By the use of a certain coat of arms, you assert your descent from the person to whom those arms were granted, confirmed, or allowed. That is the beginning and end of armory.
Page 122 - ... and father, (on whom God have mercy,) a controversy arose concerning the said arms between Sir Richard le Scrope aforesaid, and one called Carminow of Cornwall, which Carminow challenged those arms of the said Sir Richard, the which dispute was referred to six knights, now, as I think, dead, who upon true evidence found the said Carminow to be descended of a lineage armed
Page 243 - Reasons of Faith ; or, the Order of the Christian Argument Developed and Explained. By the Rev. GS DREW, MA Second Edition, revised and enlarged. Fcp. 8vo.

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