The Traditions of the Hopi, Volume 8

Front Cover
Henry R. Voth
Field Columbian Museum, 1905 - Hopi Indians - 319 pages
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The Wanderings of the Spider Clan Kohkangfiamu
Kavushkavuwnom and Shovfviounom
How the Children of PivanhonKapi Obtained Permission to Catch
The Origin of the Vayaatu Society 4i 11 The Origin of Some Mishongnovi Clans
The Destruction of Paldtkwapi
i3 The Revenge of the Katcinas
How the Circle Pongo Katcina and his Wife became Stars
The Kokoshori Katcina and the Shong6pavi Maiden 7i 16 How BallHead Tatciqto Wedded an Oraibi Maiden
The Ahrtli and the other Walpi Katcinas
The Two War Gods and the Two Maidens
i The P6ok6nghoyas and the Cannibal Monster
Pookonghoya and his Brother as Thieves
How the Irtokongs destroyed Cdoyoko and his Wife
How Prtokong Killed the Bear
The Pookongs Attend a Dance
How Prtokong Won a Bride
How the Antelope Maiden was Reconciled
2f The Prtokongs and the Balolookong
How the Yellow CornEar Maiden became a Bull Snake
A Journey to the Skeleton House
Journey to the Skeleton House
Skeleton Woman and the Hunter 120
Masauwuu Marries a Maiden
Masauwuu and the Hano Hunters
The Two Yayaponchatu trade in Oraibi i23 34 The Kohonino Hunter
The White CornEar Maiden and the Sorcerers
WatermelonRind Woman Holrikrtp Wuhti
The Youth and Maiden who Played Hide and Seek for their Life
The Maiden who Stole the Youths Costume
3 The Two Pueblo Maidens who were Married to the Night
How Hiyonatitiwa Defeated the Plan of his Enemies
4i The Shongopavi Maiden who Turned into a Dog
The Blind Man and the Lame Man
Big Head and Goat Horn I53

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Page 117 - You must wrap up the women when they die, in the 6wa, and tie the big knotted belt around them, because these 6was are not tightly woven and when the Skeletons move along on them through the sky as clouds, the thin rain drops through these owas and the big raindrops fall from the fringes of the big belt. Sometimes you cannot see the clouds very distinctly because they are hidden behind these nakwdkwosis just as our faces are hidden behind them.
Page 116 - eat only the odor or soul of the food," the dead are not heavy. "And that is the reason why the clouds into which the dead are transformed are not heavy and can float in the air
Page 35 - Ail day and night they talked, and the father said, "My son, at sunrise you will go and tell all ,the people of the village that in sixteen days we will have a great feast to the snake and antelope peoples. Tell the men, women and children that in eight days from this time they must run to the north, to the west, to the south and to the east. The same day that the men and women ran, the two maidens and the youth and his brother entered kivas. The youth accompanied one of the maidens to the kiva dedicated...
Page 5 - ... such as beads, corals, shells, etc." This evidently shows an association of the "hard substances" with the moon. The sun lived away in the east. Huruing Wuhti sent the moon to fetch the Sun. The sun thereupon traveled from the east to the west to visit the Wuhti. When he arrived the Wuhti said to him: "Thanks that you have come, my father, because you shall be my father.
Page 3 - Voth, HR, Traditions of the Hofi, pp. 1 and 10. rainbow to the house of the deity of the west. Here they stayed four days, then went out to find themselves a home. They built a small simple house, similar to the old houses of the Hopi. They had been taught a language by the deities, and they were able to understand all things. The Spider woman who lived at this time, but whom the bird had not seen, created the Spaniards and taught them the Spanish tongue. She then continued to create pairs of men...
Page 117 - They had taken their tiponis, their protective medicine,* and set them up there, and when the people here in the villages have their ceremonies and smoke during the ceremonies, this smoke goes down into the other world to the tiponis or mothers and from there rises up in the form of clouds.
Page 140 - ... standing there they heard a noise in the house, some clapping and shaking. When the young man had shaken his shirt and the beads at the girl, an evil charm had entered her and she was changed into "Tihkuy Wuhti" (child protruding woman). She entered an inner room and came out dressed in a white robe. Her hair was now tied up like that of a married woman, but her face and clothes were all bloody. While she had put on this costume the noise and rattle in the room where the costumes of the slain...
Page 119 - ... to the dead, and are given the opportunity to visit the underworld by magical means, and return to life to tell the people about it.6 In such tales the living are urged not to be lonesome and not to long for the deceased. Go back and tell them in the village that we are living here, and here we live in the dark, and tell them that no one should wish to come here. For some it is not yet at all time to come, but if their hearts are not good and they are angry they will come here sooner, so tell...
Page 169 - The first year the corn became large enough so that some corn-ears just began to ripen, then the frost came and killed it. The next year the ears were just forming when the frost again killed the corn. The third year the ears did not even begin to form when the stalks were killed by frost. The fourth year it remained very small. The people by this time had eaten all the corn they had saved from previous years, and some began to move away. Some of them, however, still planted some the fifth year,...
Page 16 - ... Underworld took place largely because people were misbehaving to such an extent that their leaders decided to make a radical change in the hope of bettering conditions. Thus an Oraibi myth reports that prior to the Emergence "the people began to live the way we are living now, in constant contentions. . . . They became very bad. They would take away the wives of the chiefs."4* It is important to...