A History of Illinois: From Its Commencement as a State in 1818 to 1847. Containing a Full Account of the Black Hawk War, the Rise, Progress, and Fall of Mormonism, the Alton and Lovejoy Riots, and Other Important and Interesting Events

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S. C. Griggs & Company, 1854 - Illinois - 447 pages
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Page 61 - or Napoleon Bonaparte, nor yet to be as great a man as my opponent, Governor Edwards. Nevertheless, I think I can govern you pretty well. I do not think that it will require a very extraordinary smart man to govern you; for to tell you the truth, fellow-citizens, I do not think y.ou will
Page 84 - knows he has got to be hung this day four weeks. You understand it in that way, Mr. Green, don't you ?" " Yes," said the prisoner; upon which the judge ordered him to be remanded to jail, and the court then adjourned. If some judges were unwilling to risk censure by giving
Page 347 - romping; dressed like a dandy, and at times drank like a sailor and swore like a pirate. He could, as occasion required, be exceedingly meek in his deportment; and then again rough and boisterous as a highway robber; being always able to satisfy his followers of the propriety of his conduct. He always
Page 313 - to royalty, he deduced his descent by an unbroken chain from Joseph the son of Jacob, and that of his wife from some other renowned personage of Old Testament history. The Mormons openly denounced the government of the United States as utterly corrupt, and as being about to pass away, and
Page 98 - awaiting the rise of water, with a few of his negroes to assist him, would float down to New Orleans. The voyage was long, tedious, and expensive. When he arrived there, he found himself in a strange city, filled with sharpers ready to take advantage of his necessities. Everybody combined against him to profit
Page 156 - after allowing them fifteen minutes to remove their squaws and children, he let slip a six-pounder at them, loaded with canister shot, followed by a severe fire of musketry ; " and if ever you saw straight blankets, you would have seen them there.
Page 245 - upon the Lord ; darkness gave way, and he prayed with fervency of spirit. Whilst he continued praying the light appeared to be gradually descending towards him; and as it drew nearer it increased in brightness and magnitude, so that by the time it reached the tops of the trees, the whole wilderness for quite a distance around, was illuminated in a glorious and
Page 329 - and all the members of the council and all others demanded, came into Carthage and surrendered themselves prisoners to the constable, on the charge of riot. They all voluntarily entered into a recognizance before the justice of the peace, for their appearance at court to answer the charge. And all of them were discharged from custody except Joe and
Page 20 - By the Ordinance of 1787, there were to be not less than three, nor more than five States in the territory north-west of the Ohio river. The boundaries of these States were defined by that law. The three States of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois were to include the whole territory, and were to be bounded by the British possessions
Page 340 - as could be made, and to prevent any sudden explosion of Mormon excitement before they could be written to by their friends at Carthage. I also despatched messengers to Warsaw, to advise the citizens of the event. But the people there knew all about the matter before my messengers arrived. They, like

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