The Indian Homoeopathic Review, Volume 16

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P.C. Majumdar
1907 - Homeopathy
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Page 151 - I have acquired, always to extend its domain; for knowledge is immense and the spirit of man can extend infinitely to enrich itself daily with new requirements. Today he can discover his errors of yesterday and tomorrow he may obtain a new light on what he thinks himself sure of today.
Page 79 - ... are especially, and almost exclusively considered and noted ; for these in particular should bear the closest similitude to the symptoms of the desired medicine, if that is to accomplish the cure. The more general and indefinite symptoms, such as want of appetite, headache, weakness, restless sleep, distress, etc., unless more clearly defined, deserve but little notice on account of their vagueness, and also because generalities of this kind are common to every disease, and to almost every drug.
Page 103 - Recognizing that, in prescribing alcohol, the requirements of the individual must be the governing rule, we are convinced of the correctness of the opinion, so long and generally held, that in disease alcohol is a rapid and trustworthy restorative. In many cases...
Page 20 - We have been wrong in the past in refusing to consult with homeopaths and to join with them in state and national societies. But we have seen and admitted our wrong and are doing our best to get together with you wherever you will meet us now. We have been wrong and irritating in arrogating to ourselves the term of "regular" as opposed to homeopathic. You have been kind enough to spare us more and more of late that ridiculous term "allopath," and to call us by the neutral name of "old school.
Page 90 - So far as Sir James Simpson was capable of investigating the works of HAHNEMANN, he did investigate them in his own peculiar way — no quarter. He examined them only as a litterateur and a rival, never as a genuine truth-seeker or truthlover ought to have done. He never tried the practice on the smallest scale, except to ridicule it. Besides, I do not think it possible for any man to teach himself homoeopathy any more than allopathy without a master.
Page 17 - ... strike at the cause of the disease and remove it whenever we can find that cause. So do you whenever you are convinced that it is a cause, as with intestinal worms, or head lice. Those of you who are convinced that quinine kills the malarial parasite in the blood just as a vermifuge kills an intestinal parasite in the gut. use quinine for malaria, just as we do.
Page 16 - I mean the doctrine of the occasional utility of very minute doses. No one in this country has had so much experience with tuberculosis as Trudeau of Saranac Lake. No one has tested so critically and cautiously the merits and dermerits of this remedy. As a result of his fifteen years...
Page 320 - I have cured, by means of gold, several cases of melancholy in persons who earnestly thought of killing themselves. They took in all about the Tf7 or TfT part of a grain of gold.
Page 298 - In. the first stage camphor gives rapid relief, but the patient's friends must themselves employ it, as this stage soon ends either in death or in the second stage, which is more difficult to be cured, and not with camphor. In the first stage accordingly, the patient must get, as often as possible (at least every five minutes) a drop of spirit of camphor (made with one ounce of camphor to twelve of alcohol), on a lump of sugar or in a spoonful of water. Some spirit of camphor must...
Page 23 - ... drugs let us keep as close as we can to current usage outside the profession and cease to hold ourselves aloof. Let us call a spade a spade; let us call corrosive sublimate by its Christian name rather than by the stumps of two names like mere. corr. ; when we mean charcoal, let us not call it carbo; when we mean sulphur and oyster shells, let us say so rather than cling to that curious relic "hepar sulph.

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