Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland, Volume 21

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Cambridge University Press for the Royal Asiatic Society, 1889 - Asia
Most years contain the Proceedings and Annual report of the society.

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Page 943 - With you who contemn both love and wine for the hermit's cell and the zealot's shrine. What can I do ? for our faith divine you hold as a thing of infamy ? The tangled curls of thy darling's hair, and thy saddle and steed are thy only care, In thy heart the Absolute hath no share, nor the thought of the poor man's poverty.
Page 983 - O banks of the Rhine! We have seen you covered with gore, inasmuch as the swords of retribution were drawn against you; and you shall have another turn. And We hear the lamentations of Berlin, though she be today in conspicuous glory.
Page 939 - His sorrowful and persecuted life; his purity of conduct and youth; his courage and uncomplaining patience under misfortune; his complete self-negation; the dim ideal of a better state of things which can be discerned through the obscure mystic utterances of the Baydn; but most of all, his tragic death, all serve to enlist our sympathies on behalf of the young prophet of Shiraz.
Page 944 - If the appointed fate which God (mighty and glorious is He) hath decreed overtake me, then God is the guardian of my family, and thou art mine executor : behave in such wise as is pleasing to God, and pardon whatever has proceeded from me which may seem lacking in courtesy, or contrary to the respect due from juniors : and seek pardon for me from all those of my household, and commit me to God. God is my portion, and how good is He as a guardian...
Page 943 - I lay at the dawn of day that cruel Charmer came to me, And in the grace of His form and face the dawn of the morn I seemed to see. The musk of Cathay might perfume gain from the scent those fragrant tresses rain, While His eyes demolish a faith in vain attacked by the pagans of Tartary. With you, who contemn both love and wine for the hermit's cell and the zealot's shrine, What can I do ? For our faith divine you hold as a thing of infamy. The tangled curls of thy darling's hair, and thy saddle...
Page 430 - India, in the first year of my arrival here [circa. 1295-6] attached himself to me, and, after he had been converted by me to the verity of the Catholic faith, took the Lesser Orders, and when I celebrated mass used to attend me wearing his royal robes. Certain others of the Nestorians on this account accused him of apostacy, but he brought over a great part...
Page 371 - Nothing similar had been seen before in the kingdom of Persia; and when the king of that country was made acquainted with this occurrence, his wrath was kindled, for, said he, " in the time of my predecessors no host like this ever issued from the desert; I will go and will extinguish their name from the earth.
Page 372 - Tarac, or infidel Turks, who are my enemies; and if you attack me I will certainly take my vengeance, and will destroy all the Jews in my own kingdom, for I am well aware of your superiority over me in my present position ; but I entreat you to act kindly and not to harass me, but allow me to fight with the Caphar Tarac, my enemy, and also to sell me as much provision as I want for the maintenance of my host.
Page 937 - So worship God that if the recompense of thy worship of Him were to be the Fire, no alteration in thy worship of Him would be produced. If you worship from fear, that is unworthy of the threshold of the holiness of God. ... So also, if your gaze is on Paradise, and if you worship in hope of that; for then you have made God's creation a Partner with Him.
Page 977 - Verily we see you increasing your expenditures every year and placing the burden thereof on your subjects; this is naught but manifest injustice. Fear the sighs of the oppressed and his tears and do not burden your subjects above that which they can bear, neither ruin them to build up your palaces. Choose for them that which ye choose for yourselves; thus do we expound unto you that which will profit you, if ye are of those who enquire.

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