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As anyone who has been breathing for the past couple of months knows, William Jefferson Clinton's MY LIFE is more than a book. It is a news event, a slice of history, a personal testament, a work to be argued over for years to come by political partisans, most of whom will not have actually read it. Perhaps general agreement might be possible on one point: This massive book is the most complete ... Read full review

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I thought this book needed more about his hoes

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Great book!! He mentioned growing up in Hot Springs which was a corrupt town..illegal gambling...mobsters...brothels...payoffs. He mentioned Maxine Temple Jones, "a real character", the most notorious madam in the country, In 1982 she wrote an "interested book" autobiography, "Maxine, Call Me Madam, The Life and Times of a Hot Springs Madam". The book is worth reading!!! 

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Very interesting book, got hooked straight away.

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Good Book

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This book leaves behind an amaranthine trail of putrescence and excrement, wholly resembling the reign of Clinton himself. I don't consider him one of our presidents at all,that heaping amassment of refuse. He is a disgrace to all that have resided in the White House,along with his book. His thought that having promiscuous sex with a woman other than his own wife represents perfectly his ability to write literature. I name Bill Clinton: Bane of Authors and Voters and Wives.
With much love,
Silence Dogood

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