West Point: An Intimate Picture of the National Military Academy and of the Life of the Cadet

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G. P. Putnam's sons, 1917 - 354 pages

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Page 47 - Christian kings ; for it is notoyrly known through the universal world, that there be nine worthy and the best that ever were, that is to wit, three Paynims, three Jews, and three Christian men.
Page 15 - Sir ; Buoyed above the terror of death, by the consciousness of a life devoted to honorable pursuits, and stained with no action that can give me remorse, I trust that the request I make to your Excellency at this serious period, and which is to soften my last moments, will not be rejected. " Sympathy towards a soldier will surely induce your Excellency and a military tribunal to adapt the mode of my death to the feelings of a man of honor.
Page 322 - All this is true, if time stood still; which contrariwise moveth so round, that a froward retention of custom is as turbulent a thing as an innovation; and they that reverence too much old times, are but a scorn to the new.
Page 15 - Let me hope, Sir, that if aught in my character impresses you with esteem towards me, if aught in my misfortunes marks me as the victim of policy and not of resentment, I shall experience the operation of these feelings in your breast, by being informed that I am not to die on a gibbet.
Page 304 - The Corps! bare-headed, salute it, With eyes up, thanking our God — That we of the Corps are treading Where they of the Corps have trod. They are here in ghostly assemblage, The men of the Corps long dead, And our hearts are standing attention While we wait for their passing tread.
Page 48 - And since the said Incarnation have been three noble Christian men, stalled and admitted through the universal world into the number of the nine best and worthy, of whom was first the noble Arthur, whose noble acts I purpose to write in this present book here following. The second was Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, of whom the history is had in many places, both in French and in English.
Page 315 - Impaired or inadequate efficiency of one or both of the superior extremities on account of fractures, especially of the clavicle, contraction of a joint, extenuation, deformity, etc., etc.
Page 316 - A varicose state of the veins of the scrotum or spermatic cord (when large.), sarcocele, hydrocele, hemorrhoids, fistulas. 13. Impaired or inadequate efficiency of one or both of the inferior extremities on account of varicose veins, fractures, malformation (flat feet, etc.), lameness, contraction, unequal length, bunions, overlying or supernumerary toes, etc., etc.
Page 310 - II) from a preparatory school giving a full record of studies taken and grades attained must accompany the college certificate. If a scrutiny of the certificate submitted shows low grades, the certificate will be rejected. A certificate indicating enrollment in or admission to an institution at...
Page 332 - That when any cadet of the United States Military Academy has gone through all its classes and received a regular diploma from the academic staff, he may be promoted and commissioned as a second lieutenant in any arm or corps of the Army in which there may be a vacancy, and the duties of which he may have been judged competent to perform; and in case there shall not at the time be a vacancy in such arm or corps, he may, at the discretion of the President, be promoted and commissioned in it as an...

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