Guide to the Law and Legal Literature of Germany

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1912 - Law - 226 pages
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Page 48 - LEX SALICA; the Ten Texts with the Glosses and the Lex Emendata. Synoptically edited by JH HESSELS. With Notes on the Frankish Words in the Lex Salica by H.
Page 88 - Digest of the principal features of the laws of Great Britain, France, and Germany, together with an outline of inheritance taxation in the United States and a collection of judicial decisions relating thereto.
Page 11 - From the middle of the eighteenth to the middle of the nineteenth century...
Page 21 - OUTLINES OF THE SCIENCE OF JURISPRUDENCE. An Introduction to the systematic Study of Law. Translated and edited from the Juristic Encyclopaedias of Puchta, Friedlander, Falck, and Ahrens.
Page 29 - Professor of Public Law and of the Law of Nature and Nations in the University of Edinburgh. New Edition, Revised and much Enlarged. 8vo, 18s. The Institutes of the Law of Nations. A Treatise of the Jural Relation of Separate Political Communities.
Page 10 - It is the most carefully considered statement of a nation's laws that the world has ever seen." 3 And EM Borchard, an American specialist on German law, uses the following words: "German codification truly exemplifies a power of legal expression with which Bryce credits the Roman jurists — the power of so framing general rules as to 1 AP Higgins, "The Making of the German Civil Code.
Page 43 - ... been given, men would labour in regions far remote from the practical life of their own time with no hope of any reward except a few new grains of truth. Still the impulse, a patriotic, a national, and we might even call it a utilitarian impulse, was requisite. And now we see the result of it all. This people of pedants and dreamers, of antiquaries and metaphysicians, after discussing the history of every legal term and every legal idea, has made for itself what is out and away the best code...
Page 41 - VON IHERING of the University of Berlin. Translated by ISAAC HusiK of the University of Pennsylvania. VI. THE POSITIVE PHILOSOPHY OF LAW. By I. VANNI of the University of Bologna. Translated by JOHN LISLE of the Philadelphia Bar.
Page 21 - a scientific and systematic outline or general view of the whole province of jurisprudence, together with the data of that science; its purpose is to determine the compass and limits of jurisprudence, its relations to other sciences, its internal divisions, and the mutual relations of its constituent parts.
Page 7 - the prospects of the science of jurisprudence, especially in England, will depend largely upon a greater familiarity than has hitherto been encouraged in legal education with the vast and invaluable juridical literature of Germany.

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