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The book essentially talks about one idea - 'Work made fun gets done.' In particular it deals with how to save the workplace from becoming a 'toxic energy dump'. The fish! Philosophy - 1. Bring the ... Read full review

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An amusing little anecdote that entertained me through work and explained the playful nature behind how my newest work is run. It's not too bad, even if the ending is a little too forced. Read full review

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This book encouraged in of our staff to love our work and and be transformed. Than you Mr. Lundin for imparting this great book!!

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The book gives you the talisman on how to create an innovative and accountable work environment where a playful, attentive, and engaging attitude leads to more energy, enthusiasm productivity, and creativity.
The books narrates the story of a lady name Mary Jane, who being a single mother, struggles with her daily life, yet brings about a remarkable change in her organization and converts it from a boring, dull workplace to a throbbing, pleasant, action-oriented and responsive organization.
How a chanced visit to a fish market gave her the valuable inputs to bring about this change in her organization.
During her first visit to the fish market, she was astounded to observe that the fish mongers were carrying about their business in a very strange yet engrossing manner. They went about throwing fishes in the air and attempting to catch it much to the amusement of the customers and passersby. This resulted in huge rounds of applause and hooting whenever someone succeeded in a great catch or a miss! Mary Jane was also very astonished to notice that, the fish mongers were avidly involved in animatic conversations with each customers, thereby giving personalized touch to every interaction.
She became chatty with one of the fish mongers who in turn gave her the solution as to how to enthuse life into her dull and dead organization.
PFB the secret shared:
1. Choose your attitude everyday.
We cannot choose people's attitude towards us, but we definitely can choose our response to it.
We can choose to be happy and excited or morose, its entirely our call.
There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself. You can enjoy even the dullest job in the whole world, if you do it with all your energy and passion.
2. Play
Bring some fun and liveliness in your transactions. Treat your work just like play. Take control, and learn when to let go. If we follow the play routine, Work becomes a reward, not just a way to rewards.
3. Make their day
Go out of your way, to make someone's day, EVERYDAY. Make every interaction with customers a memorable experience, that will in turn create an atmosphere of positivity.
4. Be present
Give your 200% to every conversation, ppt, phone call or email. In our obsession to multitask, we often end up cheating our customers, by not giving them our full attention. That is the only way to create highly engaged employees and customers.

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Good book, nothings great. The best lesson to learn is how professional writers / trainers / management gurus make an industry of something. A simple stuff has been turned into a great money spinning industry with books, DVD's, Training Industry etc ...

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Interesting and captivating, I could not stop once I started. I will recommend for every leader

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