Constitution of the U.S. ...: With the Amendments Thereto, to which are Added Jefferson's Manual of Parliamentary Practice ... the Joint Rules in Force at the Close of the 43rd. Congress and a Digest Thereof ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office - Parliamentary practice - 395 pages
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Page 47 - THE UNITED STATES. The rules of parliamentary practice comprised in Jefferson's Manual shall govern the House in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the standing rules and orders of the House and the joint rules of the Senate and House of Representatives.—(Adopted September 15, 1837.) Sec.
Page 317 - preserve order and decorum ; may speak to points of order in preference to other members, rising from his seat for that purpose ; and shall decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the House by any two members; on which appeal no member shall speak more than once, unless by leave of the House."—Rule 2,
Page 277 - to postpone indefinitely ; which several motions shall have precedence in the order in which they are arranged; and no motion to postpone to a day certain, to commit, or to postpone indefinitely, being decided, shall be again allowed on the same day and at the same stage of the bill or proposition."— Rule
Page 104 - UNITED STATES. TOUCHING THE DUTY OF THE SPEAKER. 1. He shall take the chair every day precisely at the hour to which the House shall have adjourned on the preceding day; shall immediately call the members to order; and, on the appearance of a quorum, shall cause the journal of the preceding day to be read.—
Page 18 - SECTION IV. The President, Vice President, and all civil '■■■*■■* officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. ARTICLE III. SECTION I. The judicial power of the United States shall Judiciary and tenbe vested in one Supreme Court, and in
Page 28 - for a redress of grievances. ARTICLE II. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. ARTICLE III No soldier shall, in time
Page 318 - When a motion is made and seconded, it shall be stated by the Speaker; or, being in writing, it shall be handed to the Chair, and read aloud by the Clerk, before debated."—Rule 38, p. 110. "Every motion shall be reduced to writing if the Speaker or any member desire
Page 140 - 8, 1842. (141. When the reading of a paper is called for, and the same is objected to by any member, it shall be determined by a vote of the House.—November 13, 1794. [As originally adopted, this rule contained, after the word "for," the words " which had before been read to the House.
Page 317 - No.' If the Speaker doubt, or a division be called for, the House shall divide; those in the affirmative of the question shall first rise from their seats, and afterward those in the negative. If the Speaker still doubt, or a count be required, the Speaker shall name two members, one from each side, to tell
Page 268 - When a motion is made and seconded, it shall be stated by the Speaker, or, being in writing, it shall be handed to the Chair, and read aloud by the Clerk before debated."—Rule 38, p. 110. " Every motion shall be reduced to writing, if the Speaker or

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