Glass in the Old World

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Field & Tuer, 1882 - Glass manufacture - 272 pages
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Page 109 - Who, when he saw the first sand or ashes, by a casual intenseness of heat, melted into a metalline form, rugged with excrescences, and clouded with impurities, would have imagined, that in this shapeless lump lay concealed so many conveniences of life, as would in time constitute a great part of the happiness of the world?
Page 109 - ... of nature, and succour old age with subsidiary sight. Thus was the first artificer in glass employed, though without his own knowledge or expectation. He was facilitating and prolonging the enjoyment of light, enlarging the avenues of science, and conferring the highest and most lasting pleasures ; he was enabling the student to contemplate nature, and the. beauty to behold herself.
Page 63 - They shall call the people unto the mountain; there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and of treasures hid in the sand.
Page 226 - They all perfumde with frankincense divine, And precious odours fetcht from far away, That all the house did sweat with great aray: And all the while sweete...
Page 140 - ... in the power of others, I beg your fraternity will persuade him to come to us, for we are ignorant and helpless in this art : and if it should happen that any of the glass-makers should, by your diligence and with the divine pleasure, be suffered to come to us, be assured that if I am alive I will receive him with kind courtesy."5...
Page 67 - And he put them on the shoulders of the ephod, that they should be stones for a memorial to the children of Israel; as the LORD commanded Moses.
Page 232 - And upon a time went the burgesses' daughters to play in the palace, and beheld the metal man ; and one of them asked, in sport, why he shot not ; and then she came to the man, and with her hand touched the bow, and then the bolt flew out, and brake the lamp that Virgilius made; and it was wonder that the maiden went not out of her mind for the great fear she had, and also the other burgesses...
Page 213 - Besides, the childhood of the day has kept, Against you come, some orient pearls unwept; Come and receive them while the light Hangs on the dew-locks of the night : And Titan on the eastern hill Retires himself, or else stands still Till you come forth. Wash, dress, be brief in praying: Few beads are best when once we go a-Maying.
Page 31 - It is no easy matter to give novelty to old subjects, authority to new, to impart lustre to rusty things, light to the obscure and mysterious, to throw a charm over what is distasteful, to command credence for doubtful matters, to give nature to everything, and to arrange everything according to its nature.
Page 121 - As for glass makers they be scant in this land, Yet one there is as I do understand, And in Sussex is now his habitation, At Chiddingsfold he works of his occupation.

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