Newsboy Service: A Study in Educational and Vocational Guidance

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World book Company, 1917 - Child labor - 175 pages
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Page 99 - Whatever the cause, the effect on the newsboy is always the same. . . . The professional newsboy is the embryo criminal.
Page 116 - the great difficulty is that street trading leads nowhere. It is a blind alley that sooner or later leaves its followers helpless against the solid wall of skilled labor's competition. An occupation that fits a boy for nothing and is devoid of prospects, is a curse rather than a blessing in this day of specialization.
Page 111 - Most of the older boys, and the ex-newsboys, thought that the sum total of the influence was harmful and mentioned, in so stating, the concrete elements of vulgar and obscene language, smoking, gambling, and the temptations to participate in various forms of immorality. The majority, had they any choice in the matter, would not allow younger brothers to sell.
Page 177 - WORLD BOOK COMPANY YONKERS-ON-HUDSON, NEW YORK 2126 Prairie Avenue, Chicago Also Atlanta Dallas Manila
Page 99 - dishonesty, and spendthrift habits; that it is a deadend occupation leading to nothing; that it abounds in evil temptations; that the boys are comparatively idle and see and hear the worst that is to be seen and heard on the streets." *• Another writer tells us that 63 per cent, of the inmates of the House of Refuge in New York have been street traders, and the investigator
Page 99 - if the majority of such have begun their so-called criminal careers, which end invariably in the state penitentiary, why do we permit children to trade on our streets?
Page 116 - One great evil which results from this life of street trading in childhood is the fact that it is fatal to industrial efficiency in after life.
Page 97 - 70 per cent, of those who worked 20 to 30 hours and 91 per cent, of those working more than 30 hours.
Page 106 - C. Profanity The following statistics indicate the use or disuse of profanity, based on the boys' statements but checked by our other sources of information. The veracity of a number of "noes" was questioned by principals and teachers whose opportunities to judge regarding the use of profanity are very much better than their opportunities
Page 107 - per cent, of the boys do not use profanity, 12.5 per cent, use it habitually, 33 per cent, occasionally, and 6.3 per cent, only under great provocation. The relative extent of the habit among sellers, carriers, and Curtis boys shows the same general variations as did the statistics on gambling. There were

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