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This is a fantastic recource for anyone interested in pollution of water supplies, water works, and sewers and sewage treatment in Pennsylvania in 1908. It contains volumes of information about Philadelphia area watersheds, including the following: Frankford Creek Draiange District, p. 731; Pennypack Creek Drainage District, p. 734; Cobb's Creek Drainage District, p. 736; Main Delaware Drainage District, p. 738; Schuylkill River Draiange District, p. 741; and a long repritn of a New jersey state report on the Delaware River Basin, p. 862  

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Page 1 - An act creating a Department of Health and defining its powers and duties," approved the twenty-seventh day of April, Anno Domini, one thousand nine hundred and five; or the provisions of an act, entitled "An act to preserve the purity of the waters of the State for the protection of the public health," approved the twenty-second day of April, one thousand nine hundred and five.
Page 461 - Health a certified copy of the plans and surveys of the water works, with a description of the source from which the supply of water is derived. Under the provisions of the same law, it is the duty of the public authorities having by law charge of the sewer system of every municipality in the State...
Page 564 - General and the Commissioner of Health, shall consider the case and whenever it is their unanimous opinion that the general interests of the public health would be subserved thereby, the Commissioner of Health may issue a permit for the discharge of sewage from such public sewer system into any of the waters of the State and may stipulate in the permit the conditions, on which discharge will be permitted.
Page 9 - ... in a conspicuous place or places on the outside of the building or conveyance; third, the prohibition of the passing out of any object or material from the quarantined house or conveyance; fourth, provision for conveying the necessaries of life under...
Page 488 - ... feet in length, equal in diameter to the diameter of the well below the casing, to a point at least five feet below the bottom of the casing...
Page 564 - Neither does it prevent the discharge of sewage from any public sewer system owned and maintained by a municipality, provided such sewer system was in operation and was discharging sewage into any State waters at the time of the passage of the Act. A copy of the law has been sent to every municipality.
Page 533 - Pond. 6. No stable, pig-sty, hen-house, barn-yard, hog-yard, hitching or standing place for horses, cattle or other animals, or other place where animal manure is deposited or accumulates, shall be located, constructed or maintained, any part of which is within...
Page 419 - Board ; and no garbage, manure or putrescible matter whatsoever shall, except in the cultivation and use of the soil in the ordinary methods of agriculture, be put upon the ground within two hundred and fifty feet of high-water mark of any open waters so used by the...
Page 469 - Acting under this law, which prescribes that no water works for the supply of water to the public shall be constructed or extended, or an additional source of supply be secured, without a written permit, to be obtained from the Commissioner of Health...
Page 563 - No person, corporation, or municipality shall place, or permit to be placed, or discharge, or permit to flow into any of the waters of the State, any sewage, except as hereinafter provided.

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