An Apologetical Narration of the State and Government of the Kirk of Scotland Since the Reformation

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Wodrow Society, 1846 - Church of Scotland Government - 578 pages

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Page 57 - He praised God that he was bora in such a time, as in the time of the light of the gospel, and in such a place, as to be King in such a kirk, the purest kirk in the world. " The kirk of Geneva (continued his Majesty) keepeth Pasch and Yule.
Page 484 - ... discipline, and use of the holy sacraments, as lively members of the same in Christ our head : promising and swearing, by the great name of the LORD our GOD, that we shall continue in the obedience of the doctrine and discipline of this kirk and shall defend the same according to our vocation and power, all the days of our lives ; under the pains contained in the law, and danger both of body and soul in the day of God's fearful judgment.
Page 385 - Majesties proceeding against those ministers, who are now lying in prison, attainted of high treason...
Page 289 - Stand fast, therefore, in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made you free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.
Page 171 - ... near the King's, Queen's, or Prince's Court, without special license, and being called for. A few days after, they were again called to Court, and examined before a select number of the Scots nobility ; where, after...
Page 57 - Geneva," continued his Majesty, " keepeth Pasch and Yule. What have they for them ? They have no institution. As for our neighbour Kirk in England, their service is an evil-said Mass in English ; they want nothing of the Mass but the liftings. I charge you, my good people, ministers, doctors, elders, nobles, gentlemen and barons, to stand to your purity, and to exhort the people to do the same, and I forsooth, so long as I brook my life and crown, shall maintain the same against all deadly.
Page 25 - Lord bishop ; my Lord's bishop ; and the Lord's bishop. My Lord bishop was in the papistrie. My Lord's bishop is now when my Lord gets the benefice, and the bishop serves for nothing but to make his title sure ; and the Lord's bishop...
Page 47 - Word; and therefore we abhor and detest all contrary religion and doctrine, but chiefly all kind of papistry in general and particular heads, even as they are now damned and confuted by the Word of God and Kirk of Scotland.
Page 34 - Out of this number may be chosen some to have power to oversee and visit such reasonable bounds...
Page 38 - Forasmuch as the office of a Bishop, as it is now used and commonly taken within this Realm, hath no sure warrant, authority, nor good ground out of the Book and Scriptures of God, but is brought in by the folly and corruptions of men's invention, to the great overthrow of the true Kirk of God...

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