Hawaii Nei 128 Years Ago

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publisher not identified, 1920 - Hawaii - 199 pages

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Page 155 - measure with the brass scale the exact length of the column of mercury in the tube above the surface of the mercury in the cup, which will give the true height of the barometer -at each station. I had but only one tube which I was fortunate enough to preserve whole in my different journeys, but to guard against accidents several of these tubes may be
Page 179 - of money and circulate amongst the natives in the same way that gold and silver does with us. The coast here is composed of huge masses of rocky lava, so porous and cavernous that the sea pervades it and renders all the springs of water in the low ground and about the villages
Page 151 - She was secured and housed over to preserve her from the weather, but we did not examine her condition very closely for- fear of giving offence. They told us that she made a great deal of water,, which they were obliged to pump out daily, otherwise that she * would sink.
Page 180 - rock from which we scrambled up the precipice, and in an instant about 50 or 60 of the natives at the word of command shouldered the canoe with everything in her and clambering up the rugged steep, lodged her safely in a large canoe house upon the brink of the precipice, to our utmost astonishment.
Page 77 - On leaving this station, we soon lost sight of the vessels, and entered their bread-fruit plantations, the trees of which were a good distance apart, so as to give room to their boughs to spread out vigorously on all sides, which was not the case in the crowded groves of Tahiti, where we found them always planted on the low plains along the
Page 180 - with which they managed this landing. Having placed their canoe in readiness before the gap, they watched attentively for a particular surge which they knew would spend itself or be overcome in the recoil of preceding surges before it could reach the rocks, and with this surge they dashed in, landed us
Page 77 - where they afterwards continue to grow in a wild state, so that even these stony, uncultivated banks are by this means made useful to the proprietors, as well as ornamental to the fields they intersect. The produce of these plantations, besides the above mentioned, are the cloth plant
Page 180 - About noon we came to a small village named Manu-Ka where we found our chief Luhea's residence, and where we landed before his house at a small gap between rugged precipices against which the surges dashed and broke with such violence and agitation and with such horrific appearance, that even the idea of attempting chilled us with the utmost dread. We
Page 112 - shore on a low track of land that was neatly divided into little fields and laid out in the highest state of cultivation and improvement by being planted in the most regular manner with the different esculent roots and useful vegetables of the country, and watered
Page 84 - side to be finished by their canoe builders, who are distinct persons from those who thus form them in the rough. A third set seemed to have no other occupation than that of catching small birds for the sake of their feathers,

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