The Basics of Winning Bridge

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Cardoza Publishing, Aug 1, 2001 - 64 pages
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This easy-to-read primer shows, step by step, all the information needed for beginning players to sit down and play bridge in just one quick and easy reading. From going over the rules of play, correct bidding techniques and scoring standards, to an in-depth look at opening bids and responses, players learn how to make bridge a more fun and challenging game.

Lots of people like to interact at this great social game; in fact, outside of chess, there is no other non-athletic game played on an international scale, with so many participating tournaments and players. An estimated 70 million people play the game either socially with friends or in the tournaments held regularly in small towns and larger cities. An enthusiast player could play bridge nightly if he or she were so inclined. Bridge is one of the few card games featured regularly in magazines and virtually every major newspaper and magazine.

Easy-to-understand charts and clear explanations show beginning players how to evaluate and play out hands, and how to bid, respond to bids, and rebid like a pro, about basic and bonus scoring, and how to keep track of points with a scorecard. Players learn about the Jacoby Transfer, Cue, Shut-Out, Slam, No-Trump, and preemptive bids as well as important conventions including the Stayman, Blackwood, and Two-Way Stayman.

Many examples and sample hands are provided throughout the book so that players get immediately comfortable with the game.

Just a dozen chapters with Montgomery Coe, and the reader is ready to play and win at bridge!

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