Annual Report, Volume 26

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Page lxiv - Sec. 2. Neglect or refusal on the part of any superintendent or teacher to comply with the provisions of this law shall be considered a sufficient cause for dismissal from the school by the school board.
Page viii - Resolved, That no papers shall be published in the annual report of this Board except such as are ordered or approved for purposes of such publication by a majority of the members of the Board; and that any such paper shall be published over the signature of the writer, who shall be entitled to the credit of its production, as well as responsible for the statements of facts and opinions expressed therein.
Page 300 - Michigan, 1871, as follows: (1734). SEC. 43. Whenever any householder shall know that any person within his family is taken sick with the smallpox or any other disease dangerous to the public health...
Page 298 - When the small-pox, or any other disease dangerous to the public health is found to exist in any township...
Page 325 - ... outbreaks in which isolation and disinfection were both enforced. Compiled in the office of the Secretary of the State Board of Health, from reports made by local health officers: * These do not Include the cases in Detroit and Grand Rapids.
Page 356 - If any person shall knowingly sell any kind of diseased, corrupted or unwholesome provisions, whether for meat or drink, without making the same fully known to the buyer...
Page lxxx - ... and to perform the duties of his office to the best of his ability.
Page xxi - I hereby certify that the foregoing rules and regulations were adopted at a special meeting of the State Board of Health held at the state house, Concord, this eighth day of June, 1899.
Page xl - The state board of health shall have the general supervision of the health and life of the citizens of the state.
Page xcvi - It is universally understood to be one of the implied and necessary conditions upon which men enter into society and form governments, that sacrifices must sometimes be required of individuals for the general benefit of the community, for which they have no rightful claim to specific compensation ; but.

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