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G. Bell and Sons, 1900 - Rugby football - 231 pages

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Page 54 - till a man learn that the first, second and third duty of a schoolmaster is to get rid of unpromising subjects, a great public school," he said, " will never be what it might be and what it ought to be.
Page 140 - mdcccxxii. Died March xxii., mdcccxcvi. Watch ye : Stand fast in the faith : Quit you like men: Be strong.
Page 60 - a change too great for any person to appreciate adequately, who has not known them in both these times. This change is undoubtedly part of a general improvement of our generation in respect of piety and reverence, but I am sure that to Dr. Arnold's personal earnest simplicity of purpose, strength of character, power of influence, and piety, which none who ever came near
Page 59 - I have many delightful proofs that those who have been here, have found at any rate no such evil as to prevent them serving God in after life ; and some, I trust, have derived good from Rugby. But the evil is great and abounding, I well know ; and
Page 129 - was glad when they said unto me, We will go into the house of the Lord.
Page 218 - It is written wholly either by boys actually at the school, or by undergraduates within their first year. I delight in the spirit of it, and think there is much ability in many of the articles. I think also that it is likely to do good to the school.
Page 7 - And then methinketh it were too much to suffer such a varlet, as he is, to call her a jill, and to wish them to hop headless that shall wish her grace to enjoy the possession of the crown, when God shall send it her
Page 95 - and good To bathe the soul in prayer, And at the close of such a day, When we have ceased to bless and pray, To dream on thy long hair." " May the peppermint
Page 12 - and for all our Governors and Benefactors by whose benefit this whole school is brought up to Godliness and good learning: and we humbly beseech Thee to give us grace to use these Thy blessings to the glory of Thy Holy Name, that we may answer the good intent of our religious Founder, and become profitable members of
Page 40 - is to say, anyhow ; and half the windows of the school were broken, to be paid for by the parents, for the benefit of the Rugby glaziers. Then the closing scene may scarcely be credible. What is called a feast, or supper, was given at each boarding-house, and punch ad libitum was the order of the night.

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