Reminiscences of a Pioneer Kanai Family, with References and Anecdotes of Early Honolulu

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Thos. McVeagh, 1918 - Hawaii - 72 pages
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Page 71 - The names of those who love the Lord." "And is mine one?" said Abou. "Nay, not so" Replied the angel. Abou spoke more low, But cheerily still; and said, "I pray thee, then, Write me as one that loves his fellow men.
Page 71 - Adhem bold, And to the presence in the room he said, " What writest thou ? " The vision raised its head, And with a look made of all sweet accord, Answered, " The names of those who love the Lord." " And is mine one ? " said Abou. " Nay, not so,
Page 5 - There's an old-fashioned house, in an old-fashioned street, In a quaint little old-fashioned town; There's a street where the cobblestones harass the feet, As it struggles up-hill and then down. "And, though to and fro through the world I must go, My heart, while it beats in my breast, Where'er I may roam, to that old-fashioned home Will fly like a bird to its nest. "In that old-fashioned house, in that old-fashioned street, Dwell a dear little old-fashioned...
Page 46 - Caldwell, sons of the then American Consul at Honolulu, also attended Punahou. Harry was always to the fore when there was any fun on the tapis. Alfred was very studious, and I recall two orations of his for which he was highly complimented, "American Eloquence," and "Nature Contrasted with Art," were the two productions, both of which were favorably commented on by the newspapers.
Page 46 - Charles Soule will be remembered by old Punahou scholars. He was the son of Capt. Soule — a whaling skipper of the early days. Charles was quite popular and a general favorite among the boys, as well as with the gentler sex. The Metcalfs, Emma, Helen, Julia and Frank, also attended Punahou.
Page 5 - I love every wrinkle that's there. I love ev'ry mouse in that old-fashioned house In the street that runs up-hill and down, Each stone and each stick, ev'ry cobble and brick, In that quaint little old-fashioned town. MALCOLM BROWN, THE AUTHOR Introductory Note By Judge 8. B. Dole. Mr. Malcolm Brown, the author of "Reminiscences of a Pioneer Kauai Family...
Page 45 - Frank, with the Castles, Alfred, William, James and George, would be able to see any bluff and go better. So also the Wilcoxes, Johnsons, and Smiths,, took part in these affairs. However, both factions made good as, re records will bear out. The descendants today of that noble band who "blazed the trail...
Page 53 - ... the scholars from town placed their horses during school hours. One of his duties was to watch a certain date tree when in fruit, which task he at all times did well. This tree then was the only one on the premises large enough to bear.
Page 16 - ... York, one on the coast of South America and the other at the very outset near Barber's Point on Oahu. It was invariably the custom of the helmsmen on those little schooners when well offshore, he wrote, "to lash the wheel and take a snooze." On this occasion Mrs. von Pfister, Malcolm's widowed aunt, kept the man at the wheel awake by prodding him with her umbrella, but even so was apparently unable to forestall the wreck. An item in the report for 1853 from Kauai to the Royal Hawaiian Agricultural...
Page 71 - ABOU BEN ADHEM (may his tribe increase !) Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace, And saw within the moonlight in his room, Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom, An angel, writing in a book of gold; Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem , bold, * And to the presence in the room he said, ' What writest thou ?" The vision raised its head, And with a look made of all sweet accord, Answered, ' * The names of those who love the Lord.

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