Acten des Wiener congresses, in den jahren 1814 und 1815, Volumes 29-31

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J.J. Palm und E. Enke, 1819 - Europe

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Page 203 - Their Majesties the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Emperor of Austria, the Emperor of the French, the King of Prussia...
Page 210 - Who, after having communicated to each other their full powers, found in good and due form, have agreed upon the following Articles : — ART. I. — His Majesty the King of the...
Page 247 - The present additional article shall have the same force and validity as if it were inserted, word for word, in the Treaty signed this day. It shall be ratified, and the ratifications shall be exchanged at the same time.
Page 235 - SM le roi des Pays-Bas , grand-duc de Luxembourg , possédera à perpétuité , pour lui et ses successeurs , la souveraineté pleine et entière de la partie du duché de Bouillon non cédée à la France par le traité de Paris, et sous ce rapport elle sera réunie au grand -duché de Luxembourg.
Page 247 - Additional Article. IT is agreed, that in the event of any of the Portuguese settlers being desirous of retiring from the settlements of the Crown of Portugal on the coast of Africa to the northward of the equator, with the Negroes...
Page 199 - Constantinople within the space of one month, or sooner if possible. In faith of which the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the present Treaty, and have affixed to it the seal of their arms.
Page 245 - Parties reserve to themselves, and engage to determine, by a separate Treaty, the period at which the Trade in Slaves shall universally cease, and be prohibited throughout the entire dominions of Portugal ; the Prince Regent of Portugal hereby renewing his former declaration and engagement, that, during the interval which is to elapse before such general...
Page 247 - Negroes bond fide their domestics, to some other of the possessions of the Crown of Portugal, the same shall not be deemed unlawful, provided it does not take place on board a Slave-trading vessel, and provided they be furnished with proper Passports and Certificates, according to a form to be agreed on between the two Governments. The present Additional Article shall...
Page 226 - ... devenir nécessaires pour s'opposer au danger commun. Mais de même que les puissances s'attendent sans aucun doute que la Suisse, d'accord avec elles sur le but principal, ne fera aucune difficulté de déclarer qu'elle est armée pour l'atteindre, et qu'elle s'est mise sur la même ligne politique, de même elles sont fort éloignées de ' lui proposer de développer d'autres forces que celles qui sont proportionnées aux ressources et aux usages de ses peuples.
Page 118 - Duché de Wurzbourg et de la Principauté d'Aschaffenbourg, tels qu'ils ont été possédés par leurs derniers Souverains. Les autres rétrocessions de la part de la Bavière contre des...

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