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I sincerlly liked the book fences. i thought it always kept the reader intertained by leaving the question whats going to happen next. although the ending was confusing it fit well with the book. this book deffinetly moved me because i could relate to it since my father cheated onmy mother as well and i know that my mom probably would of done the same thing rose did. 

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Not full text. what is the issue with making this script public. My class is studying it and I don't have my book with me. Who.cares.about.this... just why. do you want money? because I don't have any. This is a play. It's not like I enjoy reading plays. like I was going to line up to buy a copy of this play, and opted out because I found it for free. Ridiculous. You are making the world dumber. You are making me dumber. 

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Wilson's play Fences is one of the best plays I have ever read. It's deep characters are strong and complex, and I felt that I understood and could relate to all of them soon after we were introduced. The writing is powerful and the plot is absorbing--I definitely recommend this play!

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