Muster Rolls, Etc., 1743-1787

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Thomas Lynch Montgomery
Harrisburg Publishing Company, state printer, 1906 - United States
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Page 1092 - ... the said commissary of hides : That the said commissary of hides shall receive and take care of the tallow, and all other useful offal of the cattle belonging to the United States, and see that the said tallow is properly rendered and made fit to be manufactured into candles and soap for the use of the army, and shall deliver the said tallow, so rendered, to the commissary general of purchases, or his order, taking receipts for the same, reserving so much of the said tallow, as may be necessary...
Page 482 - I do swear, on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God; That the above list is a just and true state, of the male white inhabitants, residing in my District, agreeable to Law, and without any fraud to the States, to the best of my knowledge. Sworn before me this twenty-seventh day of November, 1782.
Page 331 - Deibler was in active service for nearly a year, returning home in January, 1777. A portion of the command was captured at the battle of Long Island, and were not released from captivity until the year 1778.
Page 5 - Shot-Bag, and Powder-Horn, a half a Pound of Powder and two Pounds of Lead. 4th. That each of the said Company shall attend weekly on Saturday, and on such other Times as the officers or a majority of them shall appoint, in the Town of Lancaster, or in the county of Lancaster...
Page 4 - Cochran the Second Lieutenant, and Thomas McArthur, the Ensign of the Company ; which said officers according to their respective Stations to have command of said company, whilst under Arms, Mustering or in actual Service, and that the said officers shall remain till altered by a Majority of the Officers, and two-thirds of the Company. 2d. That none of the Subscribers or Company shall disobey the Orders of either of the said Officers, whilst under Arms or Mustering, or in actual service, under the...
Page 1072 - We do swear, that the within muster roll is a true state of the company, without fraud to these United States, or to any individual, according to our best knowledge. AB Capt. CD lieutenant or ensign. Sworn to before me, this day of E.
Page 5 - This is to be judged of i,ya majority of the Officers; but in case of absence at any Meeting, the Party so absenting to show Cause to the Officers against the next succeeding Meeting, or the Fine to be absolute; every Person is to appear at such Meeting with his Arms and Ammunition as aforesaid under the Penalty of forfeiting the said Sum of One Shilling, for every default, unless a Majority of the Officers shall remit such Fine.
Page 331 - A portion of the command was captured at the battle of Long Island, and were not released from captivity until the year 1778. During that and the following year, the company was commanded by Capt. John Hoffman, and under him they were on the frontiers, protecting the defenceless inhabitants from the encroachments of the Indians and Tories who had their headquarters in southern New York, and against whom Gen. Sullivan's army was successfully sent in 1779.] A true return of Capt.
Page 113 - I, AB do swear that this muster roll is a true state of the company under my command, without fraud to the United States, or to any individual, according to the best of my knowledge.
Page 5 - ... expelled shall yet be obliged to pay off all arrearages of Fines. 7th. All Fines to be paid or exacted in consequence of the Resolutions or Regulations of this Company, are to be paid to the Captain for the time being, or the Person appointed by him for that purpose, and are to be laid out for use of the said Company. 8th. That the said Company shall be increased to any number, not exceeding One Hundred Men. 9th. That the said Company shall not be obliged to march out of this Province, without...

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