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Page 7 - Professor Norton, in his report to the Insurance Engineering Experiment Station, says: "Where concrete floor-arches and concrete-steel construction received the full force of the fire, it appears to have stood well, distinctly better than the terra-cotta.
Page 35 - ... the expiration of one month from the time when they were rendered, except with the consent of the licensing officer. Each licensee shall be entitled to examine the full reports of his own building at any time. The licensing officer shall make a full report annually of the condition of all theatres and public halls, and the report shall be a public document, open to examination by the public at all times. The reports of inspectors shall be public records of matters of public interest, and a fair...
Page 9 - F., its surface becomes decomposed, dehydration occurs, and water is driven off. This process takes a relatively great amount of heat. It would take about as much heat to drive the water out of this outer quarter-inch of the concrete partition as it would to raise that quarter-inch to 1,000 F.
Page 7 - Mill-construction consists in so disposing the timber and plank in heavy solid masses as to expose the least number of corners or ignitable projections to fire, to the end also that when fire occurs it may be most readily reached by water from sprinklers or hose.
Page 39 - The location of the rust spot was invariably coiniident with either a void in the concrete or a badly rusted cinder. In the more porous mixtures, the steel was spotted with alternate bright and badly rusted areas, each clearly defined.
Page 34 - SECTION 4. Every inspection shall cover all details relating to the condition of the building as regards the safety of life and property, and the inspector shall make a signed report as to all such details upon a tabulated inspection blank, the form of which shall be determined by the licensing officer. The forms of such blanks may be adapted to the conditions of each class of buildings included in the provisions of this act, but they shall be such as to enable the inspectors to report a rating on...
Page 34 - theatre " shall mean a building or part of a building in which it is designed to make a business of the presentation of dramatic, operatic or other performances or shows for the entertainment of spectators, which is capable of seating at least four hundred persons, and which has a stage for such performances that can be used for scenery and other stage appliances. The term
Page 34 - ... shall include a detailed table of legal requirements, with a statement as to compliance or non-compliance with each. All inspectors inspecting theatres during the month shall collate the report of their inspections and rate each theatre or public hall on the following points in the following form: — 1. Compliance with existing laws, non-compliance in any particular to be specified. 2. The following ratings of each building as to the safety of the audience in the judgment of the inspectors in...
Page 34 - Thickness of a wall" means the minimum thickness of such wall. "Theatre" means a building or portion of a building in which it is designed to make a business of the presentation of dramatic, operatic, or other performances or shows for the entertainment of spectators, and having a permanent stage for said performances, which can be used for scenery and other stage appliances.
Page 38 - ... up. At the end of three weeks the briquettes were carefully cut open and the steel examined and compared with specimens which had lain unprotected in each of the tin boxes. Those specimens which were mixed of neat cement can be dismissed without discussion, for the protection was perfect. The steel was as bright as when put in.

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