Popular tables for ascertaining, at sight, the value of advowsons and next presentations to livings

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Page 137 - Act as real property ; and for the purposes of this Act each successor's interest therein shall be considered to be of the value of an annuity, payable during his life, or for any less period during which he shall be entitled, equal in amount to the annual produce of the actual trust property at the time of his becoming entitled in possession, whether the same shall be the real property directed to be purchased, or any intermediate investment of the personal property directed to be invested in such...
Page 137 - August 1815: [Where any such legacy or residue or any share of such residue shall have been given or have devolved to or for the benefit of a child of the deceased, or any descendant of a child of the deceased, or to or for the benefit of the father or mother or any lineal ancestor of the deceased, a duty at and after the rate of one pound per centum on the amount or value thereof ... ... . d.
Page 137 - Where any such legacy or residue, or any share of such residue, shall have been given, or have devolved, to or for the benefit of a brother or sister of the deceased, or any descendant of a brother or sister of the deceased, a duty...
Page 136 - TABLE III. The Values of an Annuity of 100 per Annum, for any number of Years, not exceeding 95.
Page 6 - Discounts from 1858 to 1861, with the amount of Bank Notes issued, and of Bullion held, at the respective periods : — also the average price of Wheat in each year, and the price of 3 y Cent.
Page 6 - Bailey calculated, up to the year, 1810, that, if one penny had been put out at five per cent., compound interest, at the birth of Christ, it would have amounted to more money than could be expressed by 357 millions of Globes, each equal to the earth in magnitude, all of solid gold of standard quality, worth, at the mint price, three pounds, seventeen shillings and...
Page 137 - Duty at the rate of 10 per cent, on the amount or value of such Property.
Page 46 - Coll. 1674-5," there is a table and an explanation of it in Newton's handwriting, of the fines to be paid for renewing any number of years lapsed in a lease for 20 years. It is entitled Tabula redemptionalis ad reditus Coitegii SS. Trinitatii accommodate. It is constructed on the hypothesis that a lease for 20 years is worth 7 years' purchase, and that for the renewal of 7 years lapsed, one year's purchase must be paid.
Page 63 - Showing the expectation of life, or the period a party of a given age may expect to live, according to various Tables of Mortality - - - 197 X.

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