Report of the State Mineralogist, Volume 12

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California State Mining Bureau, 1894 - Gold mines and mining

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Page 533 - State, for the use and benefit of the State Mining Bureau, gifts, bequests, devises, and legacies of real or other property, and to use the same in accordance with the wishes of the donors; and if no instructions are given by said donors, to manage, use, and dispose of the said gifts, bequests, and
Page 537 - the commission from officers of the Corps of Engineers, United States Army. Vacancies occurring therein shall be filled in like manner. It shall have the authority, and exercise the powers hereinafter set forth, under the supervision of the Chief of Engineers and direction of the Secretary of War. SEC. 2. That said commission shall organize within thirty days
Page 538 - with law, to govern its deliberations and prescribe the method of procedure under the provisions of this Act. SEC. 3. That the jurisdiction of said commission, in so far as the same affects mining carried on by the hydraulic process, shall extend to all such mining in the territory drained by the Sacramento and San
Page 531 - shall be the duty of the Governor of the State of California, and he is hereby empowered, to appoint a citizen and resident of this State, having a practical and scientific knowledge of mining and mineralogy, to the office of State Mineralogist, which office is hereby created.
Page 538 - and providing sufficient water to maintain scouring force therein in the summer season; and in connection therewith to investigate such hydraulic and other mines as are now or may have been worked by methods intended to restrain the debris and material moved in operating such mines by impounding dams, settling
Page 538 - under the provisions of this Act, is hereby prohibited and declared unlawful. SEC. 4. That it shall be the duty of said commission to mature and adopt such plan or plans, from examinations and surveys already made and from such additional examinations and surveys as it may
Page 534 - the State Mineralogist now performing the duties of the office of State Mineralogist shall perform the duties of the office of State Mineralogist, as in this Act provided, until the appointment and qualification of his successor, as in this Act provided. SEC.
Page 531 - shall be under the supervision of a Board of Trustees, to be known as the Board of Trustees of the State Mining Bureau; and it shall be the
Page 539 - the territory in the State of California mentioned in section three hereof, which it is desired to work by the hydraulic process, must file with said commission a verified petition, setting forth such facts as will comply with law and

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