Municipal History of Essex County in Massachusetts, Volume 1

Front Cover
Benjamin F. Arrington
Lewis historical publishing Company, 1922 - Essex County (Mass.)
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This looks really interesting. Unfortunately the part I want to read is towards the end of the book, and it wasn't included!


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Page 400 - And the evening sun descending Set the clouds on fire with redness, Burned the broad sky, like a prairie, Left upon the level water One long track and trail of splendor, Down whose stream, as down a river, Westward, westward Hiawatha Sailed into the fiery sunset, Sailed into the purple vapors, Sailed into the dusk of evening.
Page 18 - Baptist, his harbinger; or, if he was ever there, had forgot his first lessons, to offer violence to no man, and to part with the cloak rather than needlessly contend for the coat, though taken away without order. A little chimney is soon fired; so was the Plymouth captain, a man of very little stature [ie short], yet of a very hot and angry temper.
Page 138 - Of all the American plantations, his Majesty has none so apt for the building of shipping as New England ; nor none comparably so qualified for the breeding of seamen, not only by reason of the natural industry of that people, but, principally, by reason of their Cod and Mackerel fisheries ; and, in my poor opinion, there is nothing more prejudicial, and, in prospect, more dangerous to any mother Kingdom, than the increase of shipping in her Colonies, Plantations, or Provinces.
Page 27 - pretend right of inheritance to all or any part of the lands granted in our patent, we pray you endeavor to purchase their tytle, that we may avoid the least scruple of intrusion.
Page 16 - Govr that he had found a sufficente place, with a good botome to hold water, and otherwise very conveniente, which he doubted not but in a short time to bring to good perfection, and to yeeld them great profite ; but he must have 8. or ten men to be constantly imployed. He was wisht to be sure...
Page 134 - On the rich and the eloquent, on nobles and priests, they looked down with contempt; for they esteemed themselves rich in a more precious treasure, and eloquent in a more sublime language, nobles by the right of an earlier creation, and priests by the imposition of a mightier hand.
Page 21 - Conant not so to desert the business ; faithfully promising that if himself, with three others, (whom he knew to be honest and prudent men) viz. John Woodbury, John Balch, and Peter Palfrey, employed by the adventurers, would stay at Naumkeag, and give timely notice thereof, he would provide a patent for them, and likewise send them whatever they should write for, either men or provisions, or goods wherewith to trade with the Indians.
Page 33 - There are in all of us, both old and new planters, about three hundred, whereof two hundred of <them are settled at Nehum-kek- now called Salem, and the rest have planted themselves at Massathulets Bay, beginning to build a town there, which we do call Cherton or Charlestown.
Page 93 - Our supplies from England failing much, men began to look about them, and fell to a manufacture of cotton, whereof we had store from Barbados, and of hemp and flax, wherein Rowley, to their great commendation, exceeded all other towns.
Page 290 - ... to be from time to time constituted, elected, and chosen out of the freemen of the said Company for the time being, in such manner and form as...

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