Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 1

Front Cover
Thomas Lincoln Casey, Edmund Otis Hovey, Charles Lane Poor, Gilbert Van Ingen, Ralph Winfred Tower
New York Academy of Sciences., 1879 - Science
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Page 30 - Formic, propionic, acetic, and butyric acids, or rather their salts, have been detected by Jongbloed and others in garden-earth. The latter are common products of fermentation, a process that goes on in the juices of plants that have become a part of the soil or of a compost...
Page 294 - Robert's macula ; and thirdly, a residuary stroma apparently homogeneous in the mammalia (excepting so far as the outer surface or pellicle may be of a different chemical nature), but containing in the other vertebrata a sharply definable nucleus ; this nucleus being already differentiated but not sharply delineated during life, and consisting of (or separable into) at least two components, one (paraglobulin) precipitable by CO?, and removable by the action of weak NH3 ; the other pellucid and not...
Page 293 - I naturally regarded the phenomenon as one of spontaneous motion, manifested by the colored blood-corpuscle. But as in most instances the phenomenon was observed in corpuscles passing near each other, I was inclined to attribute it to a certain power of mutual attraction, residing under certain conditions in the colored blood-corpuscles. Having taken the precaution of slightly warming the glass slide before putting the blood, quickly taken from the vessels of the skin of a vigorous young man, upon...
Page 186 - ... a half inches long by one and a quarter deep; the crown alone preserved. Of this the external surface is marked vertically with vermicular furrows; superior margin sinuous, terminating anteriorly in a prominent point; the superior surface irregularly excavated and roughened, showing two elevations or tubercles, one on the middle of the exterior margin and one near the anterior extremity. The inner surface of the tooth shows a prominent ridge running up to the anterior point.
Page 362 - ozone to be a compound of oxygen with oxygen, and the contraction to be consequent upon their combination, then, if one portion of this combined or contracted oxygen were absorbed by the re-agent, the other portion would be set free, and by its liberation might expand to the volume of the whole. Thus, if we suppose three volumes of oxygen to be condensed by their mutual combination into two volumes, then, on absorbing one-third of this combined oxygen by mercury, the remaining two-thirds would be...
Page 142 - Bisho-pi. MALE. The general plumage is smoky-black, rather darker on the head ; the sides are blackish cinereous ; a circle of pure white surrounds the eye ; a large roundish spot on the middle of the throat, the upper part of the breast, and the middle of the abdomen, are dull white, somewhat mixed with blackish on the throat and with cinereous on the abdomen ; a very small spot on the chin, and the tips of the feathers on the upper part of the throat, are dull white ; the black on the upper part...
Page 27 - The importance of the application of these methods to the examination of minerals and rocks in the field is evident. The testimony of various persons as to the practicability of blowpipe work and chemical work in the field differs greatly, some claiming that it is valuable and easily accomplished, and others that it is altogether impracticable. Professor Geikie, Director of the Geological Survey of Scotland, mentions as a valuable addition to the geologist's outfit, " a small bottle of weak hydrochloric...
Page 20 - AND OXIDISING AGENTS. 18. DESIROUS of extending the use of organic acids in attacking minerals, we tried the effect of adding oxidising agents to the solution of the acid ; the results were satisfactory and prompted the following investigation. When potassium, sodium, or ammonium nitrate is added to a boiling solution of citric acid, on reaching a certain degree of concentration nitric acid is set free, and this immediately reacts upon the organic acid, decomposing it with evolution of gases. These...
Page 142 - ... somewhat mixed with blackish on the throat and with cinereous on the abdomen ; a very small spot on the chin, and the tips of the feathers on the upper part of the throat, are dull white ; the black on the upper part of the breast has the appearance of a broad band, separating the white of the throat from that of the lower part of the breast ; the under tail-coverts are cinereous-black at base, ending largely with dull white ; wings and tail black, the outer two tail-feathers have a small white...
Page 294 - From this we may conclude that the coloured blood-corpuscle of Man possesses not only a certain inherent power of contracting its body, but also of resuming its original form by a subsequent expansion, a characteristic property of the living protoplasm, enabling the coloured corpuscle to manifest spontaneous motions, though not to so great an extent as is seen in the colourless. And, furthermore, keeping in mind this inherent property, a part of the difficulty hitherto encountered in tracing those...

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