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When I first bought this book, I was full of hopes for Google's success, plus of course I wished to know how their success could/would effect me. This was six (6) years ago. So all the things that were "trial and error" and/or "Planned" then, are now a small speck in a much larger ocean. Google, has made pretty good on its promises and nearly all of the items mentioned in the book, have come to full fruition, or been superceded by more modern versions.
Remember, Google was basically a "Search engine" back then. So as descriptive as the book is/was, it still has a dated feel today. True if you really want to Search for something difficult to find, the book explains how and exactly what, as well as, what not to do.
So bottom line, this title is mainly about SEARCH. With a good description of Google in its "youth". Google is a Grown up now ... armed and ready for battle..
The series, "How to do everything with *********** " is great. I have read " Paint Shop Pro"... "Frontpage 2002" and "Frontpage 2003" and "Java Script"...
Each gives Dummies a real good run for its money.
Look out for newer versions,,,, I recommend this series.

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testing out the code

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