A New Edition of Carpenter's Spelling Assistant

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Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1853
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Page 144 - EUCLID'S ELEMENTS of GEOMETRY. By THOMAS TATE, FRAS With Diagrams. 18mo. price One Shilling HYDROSTATICS, HYDRAULICS, and PNEUMATICS. For the use of Beginners. By THOMAS t T*TE, FKAS With numerous Woodcuts.
Page 28 - ACCENT. Accent is the laying of a peculiar stress of the voice on a certain letter or syllable in a word, that it may be better heard than the rest, or distinguished from them : as, in the word presume, the stress of the voice must be on the letter u, and second syllable sume, which takes the accent.
Page 141 - AB artium baccalaureus, Bachelor of Arts AD anno Domini, in the year of our Lord AM ante meridiem, before noon...
Page 144 - FRANCE. 18mo. price One Shilling. GENERAL GEOGRAPHY. For the use of Beginners. By WILLIAM HUGHES, FRGS. late Professor of Geography in the College of Civil Engineers. 18mo. price One Shilling. GEOGRAPHY of the BRITISH EMPIRE. For the use of Beginner«.
Page 143 - MA 18mo. price One Shilling. SACRED HISTORY. Forming the Fourth Book of History. By the Rev. GR GLEIO, MA 18mo.
Page 101 - Interreg'num, *. the time in which a throne is vacant between the death of one sovereign prince, and the accession of another.
Page 143 - And the projector and publishers beg to state that no pains will be wanting on their part to make their SCHOOL SERIES still more worthy of public favour. List of the Works already Published. A GRADUATED SERIES of NINE COPY-BOOKS, mainly on the Method of Mulliaviser; with engraved Copy-heads, conveying useful Information, Historical, Geographical, and.
Page 4 - In the words above mentioned, hab, bar, ten, are distinct syllables, which cannot be divided without violence. In many words, as in these, this syllable is the radix of the word ; the other syllable being formative or adventitious. But where this is not the case, convenience requires that division of syllable should, if possible, be kept entire; and in all cases the division of syllables should, as far as possible, be such as to lead the learner to a just pronunciation.
Page 144 - ASTRONOMY and the USE of the GLOBES. Simplified for the Instruction of Beginners. By T. TATE, FRAS With Woodcuts.
Page 144 - History. 18mo. price One Shilling. HISTORY of ROME. By the Rev. RW BROWNE, MA Professor of Classical Literature in King's College, London. 18mo. price One Shilling. HISTORY of GREECE. By the Rev. RW BROWNE, MA Professor of Classical Literature in King's College, London. 18mo. Price One Shilling. HISTORY OF FRANCE.

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