Grace Lee, Volume 3

Front Cover
Smith, Elder & Company, 1855

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Page 302 - EXAMPLES OF THE ARCHITECTURE OF VENICE, SELECTED AND DRAWN TO MEASUREMENT FROM THE EDIFICES. In Parts of Folio Imperial size, each containing Five Plates, and a short Explanatory Text, price II.
Page 309 - Baillie's Land Tax of India. According to the Moohummudan Law. 8vo, price 6s. cloth. Baillie's Moohummudan Law of Sale.
Page 298 - A Handbook of Average. With a Chapter on Arbitration. By Manley Hopkins. Second Edition, Revised and brought down to the present time. 8vo. Price 15s. cloth; 17s. 6d. halfbound law calf. Manual of the Mercantile Law Of Great Britain and Ireland. By Leone Levi, Esq. 8vo. Price 12s. cloth. Commercial Law of the World.
Page 303 - The Opening of the Crystal Palace ; Considered in some of its relations to the Prospects of Art. 8vo, price Is. sewed. " An earnest and eloquent appeal for the preservation of the ancient monuments of Gothic architecture.
Page 302 - This book is one which, perhaps, no other man could have written, and one for which the world ought to be and will be thankful. It is in the highest degree eloquent, acute, stimulating to thought, and fertile in suggestion. It will, we are convinced, elevate taste and intellect, raise the tone of moral feeling, kindle benevolence towards men, and increase the love and fear of God."— Times. "The * Stones of Venice* is the production of an earnest, religious, progressive, and informed mind.
Page 304 - Mr. Thackeray has selected for his hero a very noble type of the cavalier softening into the man of the eighteenth century, and for his heroine one of the sweetest women that ever breathed from canvas or from book, since Raffaelle painted and Shakspeare wrote. The style is manly, clear, terse, and vigorous, reflecting every mood— pathetic, graphic, or sarcastic — of the writer.
Page 299 - Of the Topes opened in various parts of India none have yielded so rich a harvest of important information as those of Bhilsa, opened by Major Cunningham and Lieut. Maisey ; and which are described, with an abundance of highly curious graphic illustrations, in this most interesting book."— Examiner.
Page 302 - Stones of Venice' is the production of an earnest, religious, progressive, and informed mind. The author of this essay on architecture has condensed into it a poetic apprehension, the fruit of awe of God, and delight in nature; a knowledge, love, and just estimate of art; a holding fast to fact and repudiation of hearsay ; an historic breadth, and a fearless challenge of existing social problems, whose union we know not where to find paralleled.
Page 304 - To those who attended the lectures, the book will be a pleasant reminiscence, to others an exciting novelty. The style— clear, idiomatic, forcible, familiar, but never slovenly ; the searching strokes of sarcasm or irony ; the occasional flashes of generous scorn ; the touches of pathos...
Page 300 - Mr. Thomson treats of the immediate effects of war ; of enemies and hostile property; of prizes and privateers; of licenses, ransom, recapture, and salvage; of neutrality, contraband of war, blockade, right of search, armed neutralities, &c., &c.

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