The Capitals of Spanish America

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Page 453 - IN MEMORY OF ALEXANDER SELKIRK MARINER A native of Largo in the County of Fife, Scotland, who lived on this island in complete solitude for four years and four months. He was landed from the Cinque Ports galley, 96 tons, 18 guns, AD 1704, and was taken off in the Duke, privateer, 12th February, 1709.
Page 218 - Education is compulsory, the law requiring the attendance of all children between the ages of eight and fourteen ; and it is enforced, except in the sparsely settled districts where the schools are infrequent.
Page 306 - One-fourtli of all the property in Ecuador belongs to the bishop. There is a Catholic church for every one hundred and fifty inhabitants : of the population of the country ten per cent, are priests, monks, or nuns ; and two hundred and seventy-two of the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year are observed as feast or fast days. The priests control the Government in all its branches, dictate its laws and govern their enforcement, and rule the country as absolutely as if the Pope were its king.
Page 666 - It was the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, till I confess it began to be something of a bore to me.
Page 242 - One peon will carry a wheel, another an axle, a third a coupling pole or single-tree, and the screws and bolts are packed in small boxes on cargo mules. The upper part or " body " of the vehicle is likewise taken to pieces and packed in sections. One mau will sometimes be a month in carrying a wagon wheel from Honda to the plain.
Page 240 - Highway," the only available route between the Colombian capital and the outside world. Within the past few years it has been much improved, it is true, and at great expense to the government; but it is still little else than a mere mule trail, not wide enough in many places for two mules to walk abreast, and so torta ous and precipitous as to be impassable except on the backs of animals trained to the road.

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