Centennial Newspaper Exhibition, 1876

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Page 10 - STATES. Alabama Arkansas California , Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida , Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Page 16 - one which would be hardly possible in any other country but this. They have succeeded in working down a complex business into so thoroughly a systematic method that no change in the newspaper system of America can escape notice, while the widest information upon all topics interesting to advertisers is placed readily at the disposal of the public.
Page 213 - on their outer face by the mere force of contact as they run. Between these tapes a frame like a huge comb swings backward and forward, catching up one delivered paper at every motion and flinging it down on a board.
Page 12 - Alabama Arkansas California Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana. , Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Page 213 - The current of air raised by the motion of this frame suffices to hold each succeeding sheet against the tapes along which it moves. Thus, two boys and the man who attends the machine are all the manual
Page 171 - were published in Massachusetts, one in New Hampshire, two in Rhode Island, four in Connecticut, four in New York, nine in Pennsylvania, two each in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina, three in South Carolina, and one in Georgia;
Page 178 - Papers which are made up entirely of original matter are not, as a rule, very popular. It is a very common remark of shrewd newspaper men that they can steal better articles than they can buy.
Page 212 - is then let down from a small crane, and fastened so that a semicircular chamber is formed the size of the page of the newspaper, and about three-eighths of an inch deep all round. Into this a pot of molten stereotyping metal is poured by two men, the
Page 209 - and we shall be radical in everything which may seem to us to require radical treatment and radical reform.
Page 213 - presents the appearance of a strong, solid half-cylinder of white metal, ribbed on the inside so as to facilitate the paring off of possible inequalities, and covered on its outer face with crisp, clean, shining letters, ready at once for the press.

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