Government and Television: Improving Programming Without Censorship : Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, Restructuring, and the District of Columbia of the Committee on Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Fifth Congress, First Session, April 16 and May 8, 1997

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Page 99 - ... (movies, drama series, and reality-based shows) begin working to bring their levels of violence closer to the industry averages. This, of course, would begin to reduce that industry average, and over time would contribute to lower norms for the overall level of televised violence. * Be creative in showing ... - more violent acts being punished. - more negative consequences -- both short and long-term - for violent acts.
Page 44 - Chairman, for your leadership and openness in this matter. [The prepared statement of Senator Lieberman follows:] PREPARED STATEMENT OF SENATOR LIEBERMAN Thank you Mr.
Page 46 - American child graduates from high school, he or she will have spent more time in front of a television set (17,000 hours) than in a classroom (1 1 ,000 hours). The efforts appear promising.8 "Sesame Street...
Page 97 - Unpunished % with Violence in Realistic Settings VIOLENT SCENES % with No Remorse, Criticism or Penalty for Violence % with Blood and Gore % with Humor VIOLENT INTERACTIONS % that show No Pain % that depict Harm Unrealistically % with use of a Gun % with Repeated Behavioral Violence VIOLENT CHARACTERS Perpetrators who are Attractive YEAR1 YEAR 2...
Page 26 - TV violence on young people: 1) children may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others; 2; they may be more fearful of the world around them; and 3) they may be more likely to behave in an aggressive or harmful way toward others.
Page 194 - ... has not been as pleasantly perceived. Heavy television viewers have been more likely than lighter viewers to be ambivalent about the possibility that marriage is a happy way of life (Signorielli, 1991). Two studies suggest that heavier exposure to sexual content on television is related to earlier initiation of sexual intercourse (Brown & Newcomer, 1991; Peterson, Moore, & Furstenberg, 1991). Three chapters in this volume examine how teens incorporate and sometimes resist the sexual content they...
Page 35 - Grandfather, what is the purpose of life?" After a long time in thought, the old man looked up and said, "Grandson, children are the purpose of life.
Page 217 - ... social problem, the epidemic of teen pregnancies and births where there is no marriage. I have sent to Congress a plan to target schools all over this country with antipregnancy programs that work. But Government can only do so much. Tonight I call on parents and leaders all across this country to join together in a national campaign against teen pregnancy to make a difference.
Page 196 - Public Information Campaigns Public information campaigns are the most common form of intentional use of the mass media for non-commercial purposes. Effective campaigns typically are similar to campaigns for commercial products in that they use a number of media channels and are designed to generate specific effects in a relatively large number of people within a specified period of time (Rogers & Storey, 1987).
Page 43 - Senator Lieberman? OPENING STATEMENT OF SENATOR LIEBERMAN Senator LIEBERMAN. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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