A pilgrimage to Auvergne, from Picardy to Le Velay, Volume 2

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Page 259 - For, oh, if there be an elysium on earth, It is this, it is this ! There's a bliss beyond all that the minstrel has told, When two, that are link'd in one heavenly tie, With heart never changing and brow never cold, Love on through all ills, and love on till they die ; One hour of a passion so sacred is worth Whole ages of heartless and wandering bliss : And oh...
Page 361 - ... and the sculptures with which they are enriched are of the most classical and graceful form. A number of large medallions above the grand entrance, and along the façade of the principal corps de bâtiment, are remarkable : among them the portraits of Francis I. and Diane de Poitiers In the interior are some finely sculptured fireplaces and the remains of a large fresco ; but they are only to be discovered by gropiug amongst the greniers, into which the apartments once so splendid have been changed.
Page 289 - God and our neighbor is the duty of . Christians ; let us profit by the lesson, which Christ himself has given us. Children of the same Father, let us live together as brothers, and having for each other the charity of the Samaritan. These are my sentiments, and I hope you all share them ; they make me feel assured that in this town. there does not exist a man who is unworthy to live.
Page 208 - Hôla sirbanto Où qu'est la dame du castel ? — Suis pas sirbanto, Je suis la dame du castel. —Ah ! ma surette ! Qu'est qui vous a fait tant de mal ? — C'est mon chier fraire Le mari que m'avez baillé. A donc lou jouine, N'i galoppe bes lou castel. De cambr' en cambro Jusqu
Page 211 - Which Miss Costello thus translates into English: "Already sullen night comes sadly on, And nature's form is clothed with mournful weeds; Around the tower is heard the breeze's moan, And to the nightingale the bat succeeds. Oh! I have drained the cup of misery, My fainting heart has now no hope in store. Ah! wretched me! what have I but to die? For I have lost my love for evermore!
Page 208 - FGevaudun were brothers three, They had one sister dear; The cruel Baron her lord must be, And the fellest and fiercest knight is he In the country far or near. He beat that lovely lady sore With a staff of the apple green, Till her blood flowed down on the castle floor, And from head to foot the crimson gore On her milk-white robe was seen. He filled a cup with her blood so red, A cup of silver fine: "It was for thee this wine was shed; Come, drink it, lady mine ! " * Her robe was stained with the...
Page 209 - Ho! tell us, young serving-maiden, pray, Where yon castle's lady may be ? " " Alas ! no serving-maid am I, But the lady of yonder castle high ! " "O sister, sister, truly tell Who did this wrong to thee?" "Dear brothers, it was the husband fell To whom you married me.
Page 102 - The last of them lives with a ci-devant Fairly Fair, his sister ; both are nearly eighty, and both were confined with gout, which prevented their extending towards us, in person, the hospitality for which they are celebrated in the country. Their castle stands on a high hill, in a most beautiful position, with all the mountains of Auvergne around it, and, before it was ruined by the Revolution, must have been a very handsome domain.
Page 298 - I mechanically gathered a little blue flower, and, plucking its leaves one by one, let them drop into the water, till there were nine floating on the surface.
Page 210 - Dear brothers, it was the husband fell To whom you married me." » * * « * The brothers spurred their steeds in haste And the castle soon they gained, From chamber to chamber they swiftly passed, Nor paused till they reached the tower at last Where the felon knight remained: They drew their swords so sharp and bright, They thought on their sister sweet ; They struck together the felon knight, And his head rolled at their feet ! Anon.

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