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I found a copy of this book at the British Library in London and was totally blown away by it. Dr Rimmer writes a readable and, in parts, a gripping account of how the world has arrived in the copyright mess that it is in. Having been involved in trying to harmonise European copyright law in the early 1990s for the European Commission I can confirm the "polarity" of the debates and discussions.
I have two serious gripes with this work. First is that it does not cover Europe particularly well. This is not surprising given that the author is Australian and the book is clearly aimed at the US market. Dr Rimmer does not know of the machinations and political fixing which went on in Europe from the 1960s involving the copyright industries.
Second is the price at about 80. This is fine if the book is only to be in libraries of record and fancy law firm who can afford to buy anything and everything. But it's true readership should be scholars, students and the general public - so it needs to be priced for them at about one tenth of its current price. Maybe the publisher could be persuade to offer it digitally, or a student edition etc.
That said this book should be in every serious law library and available for loan. It is an important contribution to this key issue which is going to grow in importance over the years ahead.
Alistair Kelman - Barrister and Technologist

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