Iberian Asia: The Strategies of Spanish and Portuguese Empire Building, 1540--1700

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ProQuest, 2008 - 590 pages
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This dissertation presents an historical analysis of the relations between the Spanish and Portuguese along the frontier of their imperial possessions in East and Southeast Asia, and the Southwest Pacific, from the middle of the sixteenth to the end of the seventeenth century. This political frontier was created as the antemeridian of the Atlantic line of demarcation initially adjudicated by the papacy in 1493, and subsequently modified by the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494. The incapacity of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century cosmographers and cartographers to accurately define and depict this boundary would give rise to ongoing tensions between the Spanish and Portuguese, both on the fringes of their respective empires, and at their courtly centers. Matters were further complicated in 1580, when Philip II of Spain acquired the throne of Portugal. From 1580-1640, the Spanish Habsburgs ruled as lords of two theoretically distinct empires -- that of Spain and Portugal. This study explores the complexities of governance that resulted from this union of crowns.

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Iberian Asia in the era of Portuguese expedition and the other nation Spain may confronted to reach Oriental part completely not known to me but 1480 on wards that I little know.Mr Sheehan did a wonderful work for Asians specially about Portuguese Bengal we know very little from the source of other Country except English which is a Story and not History.We want more about Indian Portuguese accounts specially for Bengal(Bengala ou Bengalla).Kevin not only written in English but served the original document is respective Portuguese and Espana. It is specialities in additions so the respective country can also justify this and make more perfeito para Historia de India ou Historia de Bengala. 


The Origins of Iberian Asia
A fruit of all discord The LusoSpanish Encounter
An Uneasy Union
Cartography and Conflict The Representation
Philip III and Imperial Reform
The Renewal of the Question of the Moluccas
Invention and Intervention in the Pacific
The Keys of the Empire
Union and Decline
Junta de Manila De la entrada de la China
Count of Bailen Memorial al rey 1602
Council of State Consulta 29m January 1611
Memorials of Pedro Fernandez de Quirós in

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