The Roll of Arms, of the Princes, Barons, and Knights who Attended King Edward I to the Seige of Caerlaverock, in 1300

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Thomas Wright
J.C. Hotten, 1864 - 39 pages

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Page 21 - He made no bad appearance when attired in his own arms, which were yellow with a green eagle.
Page iii - The Roll of Arms of the Princes, Barons, and Knights who attended King Edward I. to the Siege of Caerlaverock in 1300. Edited from the MS.
Page 26 - ... pins driven into the ground — many a large tree cut down to make huts ; and leaves, herbs, and flowers gathered in the woods, which were strewed within: then our people took up their quarters.
Page 25 - ... each angle ; but one of them was a double one, so high, so long, and so large, that under it was the gate with a draw-bridge, well made and strong, and a sufficiency of other defences. It had good walls, and good ditches filled to the edge with water...
Page 21 - Edward Grey, having married Elizabeth, the sister and heir to Thomas Lord L'isle, was summoned by that title, in 22 Edw. IV. and 1 Ric. III. and in 3, 7 Hen. VII." We shall close this Catalogue with a still more decided instance in Ralphe de Montheriner, who, having married Joan of Acres, (daughter of King Edward I. and widow of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, possessing lands of great extent in her own right, which belonged to those earldoms,) had summons to parliament from the...
Page 18 - He was of a well proportioned and handsome person, of a courteous disposition, and intelligent ; and desirous of finding an occasion to display his prowess. He managed his steed wonderfully well, and bore with a blue label the arms of the good King his father.
Page 11 - ... Rithre, banneret. Sir John de Holdeston, " who at all times appears well and promptly in arms," bore the fretted silver on the red field ; while the three gold cinquefoils distinguish the banner of Hugh Bardolf, " a man of great appearance, rich, valiant and courteous," described as Lord of Wirmegey when a party to the letter from the barons to the Pope in 1301. Prominent is the well known lion of the Percies which is here on the banner of Henri de Percy, styled Lord of Topclive in the same letter,...
Page 1 - One of the cinquefoils of the above coat is still preserved among some fragments of painted glass belonging to Dorchester Church. Sable, a lion rampant Argent, crowned Or, John de Segrave. " With the Constable, the Earl of Hereford, was Nicholas de Segrave, whom nature had adorned in body and enriched in heart. He had a valiant father, who wholly abandoned the garbs, and assumed the lion r, and who taught his \ children to imitate the brave, and to associate with the nobles. Nicholas used his father's...
Page 33 - Deincourt by name, rushed to the assault, and there extremely well performed his duty. It was also a fine sight to see the good brothers of Berkeley receiving numerous blows ; and the brothers Basset likewise, of whom the eldest bore thus, ermine, a red chief indented, charged with three gold mullets; the other, with three shells; found the passages straitened. Those within continually relieved one . another, for always as one became fatigued, another returned fresh and stout : and, notwithstanding...
Page 10 - Robert de Clifford, eldest son of Roger de Clifford, who was slain AD 1280, in Wales, succeeded his grandfather AD 1286, being then twelve years of age. The Poet of Carlaverock thus sums up his merits. " If I were a young maiden, I would give him my heart and person, so great is his fame.

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