Pierce Gambit, Chess Papers and Problems

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W.W. Morgan Jun., "Chess Player's Chronicle" Office, 1888 - Chess - 227 pages

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Page xcv - WHITE. White to play, and mate in three moves. White to play, and checkmate in four mores PROBLEM 11. PROBLEM 12. IB
Page 57 - It strikes me also, that the writer is rather abroad in his remark (p. 2), that " in estimating the value of the several Chessmen, we must duly regard the objects of the game so far as each player is concerned, viz., to checkmate the adverse King, and to avoid the same on the part of his own King.
Page 42 - BLACK WHITE White to play and mate in three moves. WHITE White to play and mate in three moves.
Page 52 - ... but I am not aware that any attempt has been made to take advantage of a rise in the rate of interest.
Page xxxix - WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. No. 115,-By J. Свел. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. No. 116.— By CW of Smibury. BLACK. WHITE.
Page 55 - The results arrived at in calculating " the power of each piece as estimated by the average number of squares from which it can affect the adverse King's movements, and by the average amount of influence it exerts over him from each position," are these : — Queen, 74-9848 ; Book, 41-1729 ; Knight, 37-25 ; Bishop, 16-0375 ; Pawn, -917975.
Page 76 - Thy worth thy spirit-beauty, who would share Thyself with thee, thou wilt the secret show Of all thy loveliness that yet more fair And still with years more winning sweet doth grow.
Page 76 - To me thou seemest in thy reticence Like a grand instrument that silent waits The master's touch, who to his genius mates The quick responsive harmonies, and thence From out the void its passionate eloquence Pleads taking the soul captive : through the gates We pass of dreamland while the music sates Our inmost heart till with the bliss intense Transmute, absorb'd all meaner thought and care.

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