Tiny's Sunday nights

Front Cover
Ward, Lock, and Tyler, 1875 - 154 pages

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Page 170 - I never heard the old song of Percy and Douglas that I found not my heart moved more than with a trumpet...
Page 174 - THB design of this Series is to include no books except such as are peculiarly adapted by their high tone, pure taste, and thorough principle to be read by those persons, young...
Page 159 - Words of Seven Syllables. 43 Illustrations. 3. BEETON'S PICTORIAL PRIMER AND EASY WORD BOOK. 24 pp. Comprising Easy Words and Easy Reading Lessons from Words of Two to Six Letters. 78 Illustrations. 4. BEETON'S PICTORIAL READER. 24 pp. Comprising Reading Lessons in Prose and Poetry of an Interesting and Progressive Character. 21 Illustrations. 5. BEETON'S PICTORIAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND.
Page 107 - Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work : but the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God : in it thou shalt not do any work...
Page 175 - Our Village : Tales. By Miss MITFORD. 19. The Winter Fire. By ROSE PORTER. 20. The Flower of the Family. By Mrs. E. PRENTISS. 21. Mercy Gliddon's Work. By the Author of
Page 174 - ... friends — only worthy to be received into the Family Circle for their good qualities and excellent characters. So many volumes now issue from the press low in tone and lax in morality that it is especially incumbent on all who would avoid the taint of such hurtful matter to select carefully the books they would themselves read or introduce to their households. In view of...
Page 174 - Wives," &c. 6. Good Wives. By the Author of " Little Women," &c. 7. Alone. By MARION HARLAND, Author of "The Hidden Path.
Page 170 - Nursery Rhymes, Old and New. A Collection of all the most Favourite Nursery Rhymes, Jingles, and Stories ; also many New Ones now for the first time printed.
Page 167 - Orange Blossoms. A Book for all who have worn, are wearing, or are likely to wear them. Edited by TS ARTHUR. With Illustrations. 6. Julamerk; or, The Converted Jewess. By the Author of
Page 167 - Famous Boys, and How they Became Famous Men. By the Author of

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