The Works of Thomas hood

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Page 349 - A PISCATORY ROMANCE. CHAPTER I. " Let me live harmlessly, and near the brink Of Trent or Avon have a dwelling-place, Where I may see my quill or cork down sink With eager bite of Perch, or Bleak, or Dace.
Page 389 - CONSUMPTION AND ITS CURE. A DOMESTIC EXTRAVAGANZA. " Come away, come away, death, And in sad cypress let me be laid ; Fly away, fly away, breath
Page 231 - 1 am monarch of all I survey, My right there is none to dispute ; Not a creature objects to
Page 27 - in Rotterdam. Then here it goes, a bumper, — The toast it shall be mine, In Schiedam or in Sherry, Tokay, or Hock of Rhine,— It well deserves the brightest Where sunbeam ever swam, — " The girl I love in England," I drink at Rotterdam. TO MISS WILMOT, AT WOODLANDS, NEAR BECKENHAM, KENT. MY DEAR
Page 437 - " ' And the Geneva, Trim,' added my Uncle Toby, * which did us more good than all.' " — TRISTRAM SHANDY. CHAPTER I. TEMPERANCE is a Virtue. " No doubt of it," cries a little fat, plethoric gentleman, with a sanguine complexion, and a very short
Page 325 - A HORTICULTURAL ROMANCE. CHAPTER I. " What sweet thoughts she thinks Of violets and pinks." L. HUNT. " Each flower of tender stalk whose head, though gay Carnation, purple, azure, or specked with gold, Hung drooping, unsustained, them she upstays.
Page 437 - I believe, an' please your Honor,' quoth the Corporal, * that if it had not been for the quantity of brandy we set fire to every night, and the claret and cinnamon with which I plied your Honor
Page 217 - My heart's Knapsack is always full of you ; My looks, they are quartered with you ; And when I bite off the top-end of a cartridge, Then I think that I give you a kiss. You alone are my Word of Command and orders, Yea, my Right-face, Left-face, Brown Tommy, and "wine, And at the word of command
Page 58 - sort, theres so menny farinacious impostors, and Johns and Marias, you don't know witch is him or her. Colon is full of Sites. The principle is the Cathedral, and by rites theres a Crane pearcht on the tiptop, like the Storks in Holland ; but I was out of luck, or he was off a feeding, for
Page 25 - plenty of travellers to do that with a pretended liberality : but I don't set up for a cosmopolite, which, to my mind, signifies being polite to every country except your own." " I have never heard the English accused," suggested your humble servant, " of wilful cruelty." " Not as to humankind, Frank : not as to humankind ; but

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