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These days it's hard to open a newspaper, turn on the TV or browse the internet news sources without coming across another doom-and-gloom story about Global Warming. And then there are all the fictionalized treatments of the subject that create a positive feedback loop with other sources of information, all having the ultimate effect of fueling the general paranoia about the imminent end of the World lest we repent and throw the global economy over the cliff and revert to pre-industrial mode of existence.
And yet, there are those lonely few who dare to raise their voices and question this alarmist mindset. One of the more prominent skeptics is Christopher Horner, the author of immensely popular [[ASIN:1596985011 The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism)]]. In this latest book he provides a barrage of evidence suggesting that no, the extent of the problem if it even exists is not nearly as dire as it's being claimed, the few dissenting voices in the media and the scientific community are continuously being pressured to change their mind or else, the hysteria and the viciousness of the environmental lobby is appalling, and the consensus of the scientific community on many key findings is overinflated by orders of magnitude.
The book provides an incredible list of sources and references for further study and checking of the facts and claims from both sides of the debate. This alone makes it a valuable resource, and anyone who is genuinely interested in finding out if the critics' claims have any merit should definitely consult this book. The style of writing is mostly polemical and journalistic, but this works rather well for this kind of book. Those of us who have been raising questions about the validity of the assumptions behind the Global warming hysteria will find an invaluable ally in Horner.
Since the book came out there have been a spate of very public scandals involving several of the most prominent climate research/advocacy groups, including the University of East Anglia and the famed UN Panel. In the light of these it has become apparent that Horner's claims about the extent of the environmentalists' collusion and conspiracy in promoting bad data and bad science have been vindicated. Even the mainstream media is unable to ignore this side of the story any longer.
As a scientist I have been saddened and troubled by the way that legitimate science has been hijacked for political purposes. One of the trademarks of good science is the willingness to engage opposing viewpoints, and not dismiss them with disdain and with cheap ad-hominem attacks. Hopefully with more books like this one we can go back to discussing event the most controversial topics with cool heads.

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‘There’s a lot of rich people backing this cause’
A former lawyer for Enron, shocked to discover that his main job would be to help draft a global warming treaty, tells spiked that censorship and
conformism are preventing proper investigation of climate change hysteria.

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