Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Privileged 30-somethings hide from their woes in Nantucket.Hilderbrand's saga follows the lives of Melanie, Brenda and Vicki. Vicki, alpha mom and perfect wife, is battling late-stage lung cancer and, in an uncharacteristically flaky moment, opts for chemotherapy at the beach. Vicki shares ownership of a tiny Nantucket cottage with her younger sister Brenda. Brenda, a literature professor, tags ... Read full review

Review: Barefoot

Editorial Review - - Bronwyn Miller

Ah, summer vacation! Even the words alone can cheer the most worldweary soul. Memories of smoky barbecues, lingering walks on the beach and warm sand between your toes all minister to one's badly battered spirit. And this is exactly what the Lyndon sisters Vicki and Brenda along with friend Melanie are counting on when they venture to the family summer house on Nantucket. Each woman is anxiously ... Read full review

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Enjoyed reading this book. It was a bit predictable, but very descriptive and even almost a bit too much fluff. I would still recommend it because it was a great story about "life events". Made me feel grateful for what I have.

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I loved this book until the last 50 pages. pretty much the only happy endings i enjoyed were Vicki, Melanie is still with the ass who cheated on her, Brenda financial problems are not resolved, although i did like her being with Walsh in the end. and we don't get the full idea for Josh who is like the best character in the novel. It may of began beautifully and ideal, it ended horribly in my opinion 

Review: Barefoot

User Review  - Beth Withers - Goodreads

I just couldn't find myself caring about any of the characters in this novel very much. The main characters are two sisters and the best friend of one of the sisters. One of the sisters, Brenda, just ... Read full review

Review: Barefoot

User Review  - Shannon Arehart - Goodreads

Meh. Mediocre writing, lots of place-name dropping, convoluted plots. Read full review

Review: Barefoot

User Review  - Kelly - Goodreads

I loved this book and absolutely adored the characters! I loved getting to know them and was cheering for all of them (for the most part). The author did a fantastic job of getting us to feel their ... Read full review

Review: Barefoot

User Review  - Diana Biggs - Goodreads

Light reading, enjoyable. Read full review

Review: Barefoot

User Review  - Wandamvelez - Goodreads

A very lighthearted summer book. Well written. The story was a little thin but overall a good light read. Read full review

Review: Barefoot

User Review  - Goodreads

Listened to this book on discs. Enjoyed it and found it pleasant to hear. It is not a deep study but it touches on deep subjects. Read full review

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