Mineral resources, Issues 7-10

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Department of Mines, Geological Survey of New South Wales., 1900
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Page 8 - In every case, the above chemical reactions take place at temperatures higher than the boiling point of mercury, so that the latter is separated in the gaseous form, and has to be condensed.
Page 33 - ... which itself occupies the site of an old crater. They occur along the edge of a flow of basalt, which is overlain at this point by deposits of calcareous and siliceous sinter and solidified siliceous and carbonaceous muds, through which sulphur and cinnabar are finely disseminated. There are also deposits of pyrites with or without cinnabar, in some cases containing traces of both gold and silver.1 The sinters also contain gold and silver.
Page 20 - I have the honor to report that in accordance with your instructions I have made an examination of the " Grand Calumet River, Indiana, beginning onehalf mile east of Hammond, and thence eastward to Lake Michigan," the result of which is hereby respectfully submitted.
Page 14 - Some years since I reported on the occurrence of mercury in this Colony ; but my expectation of the discovery of a lode of Cinnabar has been disappointed. The Cinnabar occurs on the Cudgegong in drift lumps and pebbles, and is probably the result of springs, as in California. In New Zealand and in the neighbourhood of the Clarke Eiver, North Queensland, the same ore occurs in a similar way.
Page 8 - The Extraction of Mercury In the Dry Way. "* • • Two methods are used upon a large scale. The one depends upon the fact that at a high temperature the oxygen of the air combines with the sulphur of mercuric sulphide, forming sulphur dioxide, whilst the mercury is free in accordance with the equation: HgS+2O = Hg+SO^.
Page 32 - The rainfall from the beginning of the year up to the end of October is 37'28 in.
Page 49 - Peni isula the true auriferous elates, with the granites of a more recent date, occur beneath the overlying formations ; yet in both regions, alluvial gold can only be expected in small quantity. Nevertheless, I am of opinion, that between the Sassafras Range and the eastern course of the Shoalhaven, an independent auriferous region does exist, but the value of it can only be determined by long and persevering researches. No sooner, however, do we reach the area of the grey...
Page 50 - Araluen, than gold becomes abundant, diminishing in quantity as we enter the quartziferous schists surrounding it, and becoming very scanty so soon as we come into contact, as in Yalwal Peninsula, with the covering sedimentary deposits of the carboniferous epoch. It has been before stated that the granite of Yalwal is not of that kind ; it is rather a coarse pale pinkish rock of loose texture, and having little or...
Page 49 - Bettlers that, ere long, they should find gold much nearer home than they were aware of, and that as soon as they concluded their harvest I would direct them where to find it ; and, accordingly, about three weeks ago, I got a gentleman who had some months...

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