Extracts from the Journals Kept by the Rev. Thomas Smith: Late Pastor of the First Church of Christ in Falmouth, in the County of York, (now Cumberland,) from the Year 1720, to the Year 1788, with an Appendix, Containing a Variety of Other Matters

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Thomas Todd, 1821 - Portland (Me.) - 318 pages
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Page 88 - Portsmouth, looking into the windows of houses, and listening to the conversation of the people. " Their cruelty was chiefly exercised upon children, and such aged, infirm, or corpulent persons, as could not bear the hardships of a journey through the wilderness. If they took a woman, far advanced in pregnancy, their knives were plunged into her bowels. An infant, when it became troublesome, had its brains dashed out against the next tree or stone. Sometimes, to torment the wretched mother, they...
Page 146 - Indians fell ; but being superior in number, they endeavored to surround the party, who, perceiving their intention, retreated ; hoping to be sheltered by a point of rocks which ran into the pond, and a few large pine-trees standing on a sandy beach. In this forlorn place they took their station. On their right was the mouth of a brook, at that time unfordable ; on their left was the rocky point ; their front was partly covered by a deep bog, and partly uncovered, and the pond was in their rear....
Page 121 - President, two Vice Presidents, a Corresponding Secretary, a Recording Secretary, a Treasurer, and three Trustees.
Page 65 - Essex ss. The Jurors for our sovereign Lord and Lady the King and Queen, present, that George Burroughs, late of Falmouth in the Province of Massachusetts bay, clerk, the ninth day of May, in the fourth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord and Lady William and Mary, by the grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, King and Queen, defenders of the faith, &c.
Page 103 - Corporations formed under the provisions of this act shall be capable in law to lease, purchase, have, hold, use, take possession of, and enjoy, in fee simple or otherwise, any personal or real estate within this state necessary for the uses and purposes of such corporation, and the same to sell, lease, deed in trust, alien, and dispose of at their pleasure. All real estate owned by the corporation shall be held in the name of the same, and all conveyances made by such corporation shall be signed...
Page 67 - ... of a barrel of molasses, and lifted it up, and carried it round him and set it down again.
Page 68 - He then told me that his two first wives would appear to me presently, and tell me a great many lies, but I should not believe them.
Page 149 - Indian, as he was at work in a saw-mill, at night ; he was in a stooping position, and did not discover the Indian till he fired, who was so near him that he immediately knocked him down with a crowbar, with which he was setting his log.
Page 26 - We are not about to enumerate any grievances particularly, as we doubt not the wisdom of the General Court is amply sufficient to investigate, not only every grievance but every inconvenience the province at present labours under; all we mean is to suggest some method whereby all grievances may be redressed.
Page 148 - ... the fort ; he gained strength fast and reached the fort as soon as the eleven before mentioned ; and they all arrived at Dunstable on the 13th of May at night. On the 15th of May, Ensign Wyman, and three others, arrived at Dunstable. They suffered greatly for want of provisions. They informed, that they were wholly destitute of all kinds of food, from a Saturday morning till the Wednesday following ; when they caught two mouse-squirrels, which they roasted whole, and found to be a sweet morsel....

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