A History of the Gothic Revival: An Attempt to Show how the Taste for MediŠval Architecture, which Lingered in England During the Two Last Centuries, Has Since Been Encouraged and Developed

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Longmans, Green, 1872 - Architecture - 427 pages

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Page 2 - In a rude state of society men are children with a greater variety of ideas. It is therefore in such a state of society that we may expect to find the poetical temperament in its highest perfection.
Page 42 - It is impossible to peruse either the letters or the romances of this extraordinary man without being struck by the unmistakable evidence which they afford of his Mediaeval predilections. His ' Castle of Otranto ' was, perhaps, the first modern work of fiction which depended for its interest on the incidents of a chivalrous age, and it thus became the prototype of that class of novel which was afterwards imitated by Mrs.
Page 44 - You perceive by my date that I am got into a new camp, and have left my tub at Windsor. It is a little plaything-house that I got out of Mrs. Chenevix's shop, and is the prettiest bauble you ever saw. It is set in enamelled meadows, with filigree hedges : A small Euphrates through the piece Is roll'd, And little finches wave their wings in gold.
Page 272 - A day never passes without our hearing our English architects called upon to be original, and to invent a new style : about as sensible and necessary an exhortation as to ask of a man who has never had rags enough on his back to keep out cold, to invent a new mode of cutting a coat.
Page 266 - I have long felt convinced of the necessity, in order to its progress, of some determined effort to extricate from the confused mass of partial traditions and dogmata with which it has become encumbered during imperfect or restricted practice, those large principles of right which are applicable to every stage and style of it.
Page 34 - I have made a design which will not be very expensive, but light, and still in the Gothic form, and of a style with the rest of the structure, which I would strictly adhere to throughout the whole intention. To deviate from the old form would be to run into a disagreeable mixture, which no person of a good taste could relish.
Page 47 - He would have turned an altar-slab into a hall -table, or made a cupboard of a piscina, with the greatest complacency, if it only served his purpose. Thus we find that in the north bed-chamber, when he wanted a model for his chimney-piece, he thought he could not do better than adopt the form of Bishop Dudley's tomb in Westminster Abbey. He found a pattern for the piers of his garden gate in the choir of Ely Cathedral.
Page 16 - ... insomuch as time would soon bring to pass (if it were not resisted) that God would be turned out of churches into barns, and from thence again into the fields and mountains, and under the hedges ; and the...
Page 132 - Monuments stood; introducing in their stead, a certain fantastical and licentious Manner of Building, which we have since called Modern (or Gothic rather), Congestions of heavy, dark, melancholy and Monkish Piles, without any just Proportion, Use or Beauty, compared with the truly Ancient.
Page 49 - ... position which he occupies with regard to art resembles in many respects that in which he stands as a man of letters. His labours were not profound in either field. But their result was presented to the public in a form which gained him rapid popularity both as an author and a dilettante. . . . ' Walpole's Gothic, in short, though far from reflecting the beauties of a former age, or anticipating those which were destined to proceed from a redevelopment of the style, still holds a position in...

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