The Wireless Experimenter's Manual: Incorporating How to Conduct a Radio Club, Describes Parliamentary Procedure in the Formation of a Radio Club, the Design of Wireless Transmitting and Receiving Apparatus, Long Distance Receiving Sets, Vacuum Tube Amplifiers, Radio Telegraph and Telephone Sets, the Tuning and Calibration of Transmitters and Receivers, General Radio Measurements and Many Other Features

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Wireless Press, Incorporated, 1920 - Telegraph, Wireless - 341 pages
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Page 39 - The effective value of an alternating current is sometimes called the "root mean square" (rms) value because the effective value of a sine wave is equal to the square root of the average of the squares of current taken at all points throughout the cycle.
Page 361 - Thermionic Valve and Its Development In Radio Telegraphy and Telephony .JA Fleming 5.00 The Oscillation Valve, The Elementary Principles of Its Application to Wireless Telegraphy RD Bangay 2.75 Telephony Without Wires Philip R.
Page 303 - It1, the decrement is calculated by A certain value of decrement therefore corresponds to that displacement of the condenser's moving plates which varies the capacity by the amount (Cr — C). The displacement for a given decrement will in general be different for different values of C, the total capacity .in the circuit. At each point of the condenser scale, therefore, any displacement of the moving plates which changes the square of current from /r2 to - /r2 means a certain value of (8
Page 298 - ... series with the antenna or in series with Ll, Cl, Rl. U is a source of undamped oscillations — a Marconi VT connected up for the production of radio frequencies. D is a damped oscillation spark set, the spark gap having magnesium electrodes. Switch S-2 connects L-2 to either source. TUBE GEN.
Page 16 - The Commercial Tribune" in selling out to and supporting the Democratic ticket be, and the same is, hereby denounced. - "2. That it shall be the duty of the members of this committee to ascertain what, if any, Republicans subscribe to or patronize "The Commercial Tribune...
Page 38 - It is now clear that a direct current, the square of which is equal to the average of the squares of an alternating current over a complete cycle, produces the same heat as the alternating current.
Page 21 - As shown, the electric and magnetic fields are at right angles to each other and to the direction of propagation of the waves.
Page 361 - Hoyle 3.25 Wireless Transmission of Photographs Marcus J. Martin 2.00 Calculation and Measurement of Inductance and Capacity WH Nottage 1.75 Short Course in Elementary Mathematics and Their Application to Wireless Telegraphy SJ Willis 1.75 Selected Studies in Elementary Physics (A Handbook for the Wireless Student and Amateurs) . . . . E. Blake 2.00 Magnetism and Electricity for Home Study HE Penrose 2.25 Alternating Current Work (An Outline for Students of Wireless Telegraphy) AM Shore 2.00 Pocket...
Page 361 - Andrew White 2.25 Military Signal Corps Manual Major J. Andrew White 2.25 "What You Want to Say and How to Say It...
Page 38 - ... stand at zero since the tendency is to deflect them just as much one way as the other. Alternating current voltmeters and ammeters indicate effective values and will move their pointers in the same direction regardless of the direction of the current flowing through them. The position of the pointer is proportional to the average of the squares of all the values of current during the cycle. See Wave, Sine. The effective value of an alternating current is equal to the maximum value multiplied...

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