T. Macci Plavti Trinvmmvs: with an introduction and notes

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University Press, 1897 - 200 pages
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Page 79 - For all the Athenians, and strangers which were there, spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell or to hear some new thing.
Page 200 - Elements of Statics and Dynamics Part I. Elements of Statics ,, II. Elements of Dynamics Solutions of Examples, Statics and Dynamics Mechanics and Hydrostatics Arithmetic for Schools, with or without answers Part I. Chapters I— vm.
Page ix - ... of the law. Hence sprang the versus Fescennini which are said to derive their name from the South Etrurian town Fescennium. Their metre was the Saturnian, the one national Roman product in matters rhythmical, a mixture of the iambic and trochaic rhythm. The Italian habit of rivals improvising verses always has been, and still is, a favourite entertainment among Italian rustics. A pestilence at Rome in the consulship of C. Sulpicius Paeticus and C. Licinius Stolo BC 364 led to the invitation of...
Page 80 - Although by woful proof we find They always leave a scar behind. He knew the seat of paradise, Could tell in what degree it lies: And, as he was disposed, could prove it, Below the moon, or else above it. What Adam dreamt of when his bride Came from her closet in his side: Whether the Devil tempted her By a High Dutch interpreter...
Page xl - Roman comedy, that the translators must either have interpolated them or at least have made a very one-sided selection. In the endless abundance of cudgelling and in the lash ever suspended over the back of the slaves we recognize very clearly the household government inculcated by Cato, just as we recognize the Catonian opposition to women in the never-ending disparagement of wives.
Page xxv - Latin. (a cretic is often substituted for a paeonic — a choriambus [— ] is admitted), Bacchiac, tetrameter and trimeter, and mixed metres in Cantica, for which see the authorities given above. Terence may have a more artistic mastery than Plautus of the ordinary metre of the dialogue. He cannot approach him in facility of adapting and varying his metres, 'his numeri innumeri, to the animated moods and lively fancies of his characters
Page xiii - Servius' second estimate. Outside the 21 undisputed plays we know the titles only of 32. The extant plays are given in the ordinary MSS. in the following order: Amphitruo, Asinaria, Aulularia, Captivi, Curculio, Casina, Cistellaria, Epidicus, Bacchides, Mostellaria, Menaechmi, Miles Gloriosus, Mercator, Pseudolus, Poenulus, Persa, Rudens, Stichus, Trinummus, Truculentus.
Page 196 - V ,, XXI, XXII Pharsalia. Bk I De Bello Civili. Bk VII Book v Fasti. Book VI Metamorphoses, Bk I Epidicus Stichus Trinummus Alexander in India Agricola and Germania Hist. Bk I Hautontimorumenos Aeneid 1 to XII Bucolics Georgics I, II, and III, IV Editor Priei Peskett 1/6 each
Page 14 - Quod manu non queunt lšngere, tanium fas habent quo manus apstineant; Cetera rape, trahe, fuge, late, lacrumas haec mihi, quom uideo, eliciunt.

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